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At Bethel, we use a few reference tools to keep our language and formatting consistent throughout all marketing and official communication that comes from Bethel.

Preferred Dictionary

We use the online version of Merriam Webster as our official source for proper spelling.

It’s a great reference when there are multiple ways to spell a word, such as “canceled” and “cancelled.” Quick tip: the first version listed in the dictionary is the preferred spelling for that word.

Style Guide

We use a customized version of the online AP Stylebook as our official style guide.

Just like you look up words in a dictionary for proper spelling, the style guide will help you answer language, punctuation, and formatting questions. Here are a few examples:

  • Is it 7pm or 7 p.m.?
  • What’s the official name of the anthropology department?
  • When do we capitalize job titles?
  • How do I format a phone number with an extension?

Searching the Style Guide

When you jump into the style guide, use the search bar to look up the item in question (dates, times, degree names, titles, etc.). You might need to try a few different keywords or link through a few different entries to find exactly what you're looking for.

Site License Notes

We try our best to stay consistent with the styles that AP recommends, but there are some cases where we’ve added or modified entries to reflect styles unique to Bethel, such as:

  • Degree names
  • Office and names
  • Official places on campus
  • Higher ed terms
  • And more...

Watch for the phrase Site License Note on the right side of your screen. This indicates any modifications to AP style that are unique to Bethel.

Within the style guide you have the option to quickly view all of the entries unique to Bethel.

Don't Stress About Style

The style guide is simply a tool to help keep our writing consistent. We don’t expect web authors and email writers to memorize every entry. Your editors are here to help catch any style issues.