Bethel Expands Early College Programming

This fall, a variety of new early college opportunities will be available to high school students, including expanded PSEO programming, new dual enrollment options, and a robust selection of online courses.

By Cherie Suonvieri '15, GS'21, content specialist

February 03, 2022 | 8:30 a.m.

Bethel University student

Students interested in Early College at Bethel can apply now to start this fall.

For years, high school seniors who live in Minnesota have been getting an early start on their college experience through Bethel’s PSEO program. More recently, high school students have also been able to earn credits at Bethel through College in the Schools and innovative high school partnerships. But this year marks Bethel’s largest expansion of early college programs yet. 

Once only an option for high school seniors, Bethel’s PSEO courses are now open to Minnesota high school juniors, as well. This change makes it possible for students who begin courses their junior year to complete Bethel’s 60-credit associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school. Regardless of whether students choose to pursue an associate’s degree, they’ll leave their PSEO experience with college credits that can either count toward a bachelor’s degree at Bethel or be easily transferred to another institution. 

Tuition, textbooks, and fees for PSEO are covered by the state of Minnesota, so students participating in PSEO often save thousands of dollars in the long run. For high school students living outside of Minnesota who are looking to get an early start on college, Bethel now offers dual enrollment options

Through dual enrollment, students from outside of Minnesota can participate in Bethel courses at a significantly discounted rate per credit. Students may choose to participate in face-to-face courses on Bethel’s campus, or they can choose from a variety of recently expanded online course options, designed to create a more flexible experience for PSEO and dual enrollment students alike. 

When students pursue early college options at Bethel, whether through PSEO or dual enrollment, they’ll be equipped with resources that promote their success. “In both face-to-face and online experiences, students will be taught by highly available professors who are passionate about seeing students succeed,” says Mary Michener, director of concurrent enrollment. “Students will also have access to a variety of support systems at Bethel, including tutoring, writing support, spiritual support, mental health support, personalized academic advising, and more. It’s a highly flexible, highly personalized experience.” 

Students interested in pursuing PSEO or dual enrollment at Bethel can apply today to start this fall. 

Get ahead at Bethel.

At Bethel, early college isn’t just about saving money and earning college credits—it’s about having transformative educational experiences in a supportive community. Whether you study face to face, online, or some combination of the two, you’ll find valuable connections, helpful resources, and people who care about the person you’re becoming.

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