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Going back to school is about learning new skills. And applying them to life.

Bethel’s associate’s degree programs provide a way for adults to continue their education or start college for the first time in a supportive environment. The program provides a solid foundation in the core curriculum of liberal arts general education while focusing on practical and relevant application of skills and knowledge.

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At Bethel, your professional, life, military, and past educational experience could count as credits toward your degree. Save time and money. Find out more about how you could qualify for and earn college credits.

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Program Option(s)

Associate of Arts

An Associate of Arts degree will give you a solid liberal arts education. You’ll build skills in writing, reading, research, and more that you can apply to your career and further education.

Deliveries Face to Face, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 60
Tuition per Credit $430
Estimated Total Tuition $25,800*

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Associate of Science

Our Associate of Science degree gives you the option to major in business and leadership or create an individualized major. Both options will upgrade your career skills and prepare you for further education.

Deliveries Face to Face, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 60
Tuition per Credit $430
Estimated Total Tuition $25,800*

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* These program details and costs are estimated and subject to change. View our program details disclaimer for more information.

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Learning Designed For You

Bethel’s advisors will build you an individualized learning plan based on your unique situation once you’re accepted. You’ll receive a full schedule and discover the various ways to meet your requirements efficiently and quickly, including credits for life experience. And Bethel also offers remedial coursework in math, reading, and writing to help those who need it to prepare for success in a college-level class. It’s a program built to help ensure your college success.

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Program Highlights

Bachelor’s-degree readiness

The AA/AS degree programs provide an excellent foundation for those interested in pursuing further study in an adult degree program at Bethel.

Rapid advancement

5-week classes allow you to move quickly toward your educational goals. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as your credits build up.

Learning relationships

Collaboration and relationship building with faculty and fellow students are important features of a successful learning experience. That’s why you’ll take classes with many of the same adult students to build connections and have support.

Free tutoring

Have access to free individual writing and math assistance, either in person or online. Our writing consultants have master’s degrees in writing or related fields, and our math assistant has an advanced degree in mathematics. Both have teaching experience and are ready to help you.

Options for earning credit

You’ll discover all the ways to meet credit requirements, from testing out to accelerated individual courses, military credits, or professional credentials. These options will save you both time and money as you pursue your degree.

Free course resources

We’ve eliminated all resource costs for 100- and 200-level courses. Instead of buying textbooks, you’ll save time and money with access to free digital Open Educational Resources and Library eResources.

Preparing for Future Opportunities

An associate's degree can prepare you for more job responsibilities or to advance your education. Some of our graduates continue on to an adult-focused bachelor's program here at Bethel.


Learn how to:

  • Find strategies and plans for self-directed learning
  • Think critically about ideas
  • Apply ethical principles in your studies and daily life
  • Collaborate with others in leadership
  • Communicate effectively through speaking and writing
  • Understand how to relate Christian faith to your area of study
  • Navigate human, social, and environmental relationships in our diverse world

Areas of Study

Our graduates have gone on to study