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Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Arts

Leadership is about more than a title. It’s about motivating others to impact the world.

Bethel’s B.A. in Organizational Leadership will help you advance your career and prepare you as a world-class leader by equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. You’ll discover your personal leadership strengths, learn to integrate the best business practices with the most effective leadership skills, balance innovation and ongoing processes, effectively respond to opportunities and challenges, and become a catalyst for change.

Program Details

Organizational Leadership

Bethel’s B.A. in Organizational Leadership degree provides a transformative education that will enable you to make a difference in the world and inspire others. You’ll learn how to lead with character, build successful teams, and influence your organization.

Deliveries: Face to Face, Online

Location: St. Paul

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Organizational Leadership: Christian Ministries Concentration

The Christian Ministries concentration is designed for those interested and/or involved in ministry leadership. You’ll be prepared with an introduction to understanding the Bible, defense of the Christian faith, and spiritual formation.

Deliveries: Face to Face, Online

Location: St. Paul

More Details

Organizational Leadership: Human Services Concentration

The Human Services concentration is for those who want to be leaders in people-related fields and industries. This concentration is designed to give a broad-based introduction and opportunity for interaction with the dynamics of relationships.

Deliveries: Face to Face, Online

Location: St. Paul

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OCT 13 2016

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Information Session

6 p.m. Lundquist Community Life Center (CLC)

Meet program directors, faculty, and current students and learn more about our adult undergrad and graduate programs!

JAN 12 2017

Bachelor's Programs in Business and Leadership Online Info Session

12 p.m. CTOnline

Learn more about our bachelor's degree programs in the fields of business and leadership!

Lead with Character and Confidence

At Bethel, our faith is central to everything we do and helps us conduct business in a way that’s true to our values. You’ll get a truly transformative education as you learn to lead with character, build successful teams, influence your organization, and motivate others. Our professors model character-driven leadership, using their own experiences as Christians in business to guide you as you explore the intersection of faith and career.

Our program features highly-regarded graduates, distinguished faculty, relevant instruction, a convenient schedule, valuable networking, and community, all within a Christian learning environment. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in our world and inspire others to use their own God-given talents to accomplish incredible things.

0% of recent graduates are employed

- Bethel CAPS Alumni Survey

65K to 75K - median income of 5-year alumni

-Bethel CAPS Alumni Survey

Program Highlights

Ethics-based approach

You’ll grow as an ethical leader in courses that integrate faith into real-world situations. You’ll explore practical ways that values influence business practices and leadership.

Community and connection

You’ll take all of your classes with the same group of peers, fostering meaningful friendships, lifelong connections, and a valuable network.

Leadership growth

You’ll learn skills for leading employees in applying your organization’s mission, vision, and strategies so you achieve greater effectiveness and market impact.

Skill development

You’ll practice effective communication skills and learn to use technology in ways that enhance your leadership, preparing you to make informed decisions, build successful teams, and develop processes that work.

Student success

We’re committed to helping you succeed from admission to graduation. Rather than focusing on the results of one entrance exam for admission, we look for well-rounded people with work experience who can bring new perspectives into the classroom. And once you're here, you'll be supported by advisors and professors who will make sure you have everything you need.


We know many of our students work full time, have families, and are involved in their community while in school. Our schedules make it easier for you to earn your degree by having limited in-class time so you can complete your assignments when it works best for you.

Christian environment

In our courses, we integrate Christian faith into ideas and case studies. In this way, we model practical ways that values and beliefs influence business practices and leadership.


Our B.A. in Organizational Leadership will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career and become a world-class leader.


Learn how to:

  • Build and lead innovative, successful, thriving teams
  • Lead employees in applying your organization’s mission, vision, and strategies
  • Apply Christian ethics to your work
  • Evaluate how global factors impact your decisions
  • Foster healthy leader-follower relationships to help develop the next generation of leaders
  • Think critically and make wise decisions

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