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With an organizational leadership degree, you’ll unlock your potential to effectively lead and follow others.

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Learning that fits your life. Designed as a journey in self-discovery, In Bethel’s B.A. in Organizational Leadership program, you’ll discover your strengths while learning how to integrate best business practices with effective leadership skills, identify the most effective leadership styles for maximum engagement in self and others, balance innovation and ongoing processes, and effectively respond to opportunities and challenges. In a program that conducts business in a way that’s true to our values, you’ll advance your career identifying your values, strengths and skills as a world-class leader who can be a catalyst for change.

Program Details

In the B.A. in Organizational Leadership program, you’ll develop effective business skills and learn to lead with character, build successful teams, influence your organization, and motivate others. You’ll make a difference and inspire others. Explore your concentration options to learn more details about the program that best meets your goals.

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Program Highlights

Ethics-based approach

Grow as an ethical leader in courses that integrate faith into real-world situations. And professors model practical ways that values and beliefs influence business practices and leadership.

Community and connection

Foster meaningful friendships, lifelong connections, and a valuable network.

Leadership growth

Gain the skills to lead employees in applying your organization’s mission, vision, and strategies so you achieve greater effectiveness and market impact.

Skill development

Learn to communicate and use technology in ways that enhance your leadership and followership, build successful teams, and develop processes that allow the completion of a goal work.

Student success

You'll be supported by advisors and professors who will make sure you have the tools you need—from admission to graduation and beyond.


Our program is completed fully online. Courses begin every six weeks, allowing you to start at any time throughout the year and finish in as few as 18 to 20 months. Our programs are designed for students who work full time, have families, and are involved in their communities.

Christian environment

In our courses, we integrate our Christian faith into ideas and case studies. And professors model character-driven leadership to help you explore the intersection of your values and your career.

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Lead with character and confidence,

B.A. in Organizational Leadership

At Bethel, our organizational leadership degree features highly-regarded graduates, distinguished faculty, relevant instruction, a convenient schedule, valuable networking, and community. Our beliefs are central to everything we do and helps us conduct business in a way that’s true to our values. Though faith is not required of students, our professors use their Christian beliefs to model how to conduct business in a way that’s true to our values. This will enable you to explore the intersection of your values and your career.


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Career Outcomes

Organizational Leadership Degree Outcomes

Our B.A. in Organizational Leadership will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career and become a world-class leader.


An organizational leadership degree will help you learn how to:

  • Build and lead innovative, successful, thriving teams
  • Lead employees in applying your organization’s mission, vision, and strategies
  • Apply ethics to your work
  • Evaluate how global factors impact your decisions
  • Foster healthy leader-follower relationships to help develop the next generation of leaders
  • Think critically and make wise decisions

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