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The following online courses are available to PSEO and dual enrollment students. Be sure to check with your high school counselor to determine whether a specific course meets your high school requirements.  

Course Name Bethel Credits
Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
Introduction to Business 3 credits
Personal Financial Literacy 3 credits
Business Problem Solving 3 credits
Workplace Communication 3 credits
Information and Organizations 3 credits
Basic Communication Skills 3 credits
How Stories Change the World: How to Read & Why 3 credits
Successful Writing 3 credits
Academic Research and Writing 3 credits
Physical Wellness 3 credits
U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present 3 credits
Calculus 1 4 credits
Mathematics in Real Life 3 credits
Environmental Studies 3 credits
 The Relational Leader 3 credits
Personal Mission and Leadership Development 3 credits
American Government and Politics 3 credits
Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
Conflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective 3 credits
Studies in the American Mosaic 3 credits