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Advising at Bethel is about equipping you to take intentional steps toward lifelong service to God and the world.

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With strong academics across many areas of study, Bethel is a place to grow your mind and heart as you develop into the person God calls you to be. And you won’t be alone. Our remarkable faculty and staff advisors will guide you through your academic journey, one semester at a time.

Information for:

Transfer Students

PSEO Students

Who will be my advisor?

When you become a Bethel student, you’ll be paired with an academic advisor who is an expert in your area of study. If you’ve already selected a major, you will have an advisor in your major’s academic department. If you are exploring majors, your advisor will be someone who can help you think about different options. You’ll find out your advisor’s name and be able to meet your advisor during Welcome Week.

How often will I see my advisor?

You will be required to meet with your advisor at least once every semester before registering for the upcoming term, but you can talk to your advisor at other times as well. During Welcome Week, you can meet your advisor at an Academic Connections session or during advisor office hours.

How will I sign up for classes?

For your first semester, Bethel faculty and staff build your class schedule based on information you submit about your major, interests, and previous credits. For future terms, you will create your own schedule with your advisor’s help, and you will register yourself for classes using Bethel’s online registration system.

How will I know what classes to take?

Your advisor will help you select courses based on your major or minor, Bethel’s general education requirements, and your interests and goals. Bethel’s online catalog lists the classes required for each major. In addition, you’ll complete General Education courses that integrate faith with all areas of learning and serve as foundational study for all learners.

How long will I be at Bethel?

Bethel’s programs are designed to be completed in four academic years (8 semesters + 3 January terms). Our online catalog contains sample academic plans for each major. In some cases, especially if you transfer credits to Bethel, your time to graduation may be shorter than four years. You will work with your advisor to develop your own academic plan. You can also contact the Advising Center if you need help with academic planning.

What if I don’t know my major?

That’s ok! About 20% of Bethel students start as Exploratory majors, and many more change their major sometime during freshman, sophomore, or even junior years. No matter how sure you are about your major, your advisor will help you reflect on your interests, develop your academic and career goals, and choose good classes and activities as you pursue those goals. The Advising Center and the Office of Career Development and Calling also have many resources to support you as you explore.

Can I change majors after I start at Bethel?

Absolutely. As you learn more about yourself and God’s calling on your life, your plans for the future may (and probably will) change. Many Bethel students change majors in their freshman, sophomore, or even junior years without delaying graduation. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you navigate changing majors so you can reach your goals.

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