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Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

Bethel’s Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program allows high school seniors to complete college classes at Bethel while finishing their high school diploma.

PSEO Admissions

Learn more about PSEO admissions.

PSEO and Academic Planning

PSEO students can enroll in most classes at Bethel, with a few exceptions outlined in our PSEO Policies page. Because of this flexibility, PSEO students can finish high school graduation requirements, begin working on college general education credits, and make progress toward a major all in their final year of high school.

Finish High School Requirements

Bethel has a number of courses that commonly fulfill high school graduation requirements for our PSEO students. All course choices must be double checked with a student’s high school counselor, but the following list of courses and high school requirements can give you a good starting place when working out graduation requirements with your high school counselor.

High school Subject High school Emphasis Bethel course that commonly fills this requirement (confirm with your high school counselor before registering)
Subject & Code Title Bethel Credits
Writing GES160 Inquiry Seminar 3
ENW100A Creative Writing 3
ENW115 Reporting I 3
Literature ENL100 Great Writers: An Introduction to Literature 4
ENL102 Survey of British Literature I 4
ENL215U World Literature 3
Social Studies Economics ECO201 Principles of Economics 4
History GES130* Christianity and Western Culture* 4
Political Science POS100 American Politics and Government 3
Geography GEO120 Introduction to Geography 3
Science For Science, check: is a particular science course needed for my major? Will it also fulfill my high school science requirement?
Biology BIO104 and BIO104D Human Biology (Lecture and Lab) 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
ENS104 and ENS104D Environment and Humanity (Lecture and Lab) 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
Chemistry CHE101 and CHE101D Introduction to Chemistry (Lecture and Lab) 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
Other PHY102 and PHY102D Concepts in Physics (Lecture and Lab) 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
PHY112 Astronomy (Lecture and Lab) 4 (3 lecture + 1 lab)
Phy Ed PEA1xxQ Any Q (Leisure and Lifetime Sport) course 1-3
Math For Math, check: is a particular math course needed for my major? Will it also fulfill my high school math requirement?
Statistics MAT207M Statistical Analysis 3 credits
HAS250M Statistics and Research Methods in Applied Health Sciences 3 credits
PSY230M Introduction to Statistical Methods and Experimental Design 4 credits
Calculus MAT123M** Pre-Calculus 3 credits
MAT124M** Calculus 1 4 credits
General Math MAT101M Mathematics for the 21st Century 3 credits
Other This area is normally fulfilled by electives.

Begin Working on College General Education Credits

PSEO students who plan to continue at Bethel after their PSEO year can begin fulfilling their Bethel general education requirements from their first semester of PSEO.* Read more about Bethel’s General Education curriculum.

PSEO students who wish to transfer Bethel’s general education courses to other schools should check with their target school to see how Bethel’s courses will transfer. In general, most schools require courses similar to Bethel’s composition, math, science, arts appreciation, and other courses.

*Note that PSEO students are not eligible to enroll in BIB101 Introduction to the Bible, which is usually part of Bethels students’ first-year curriculum. Students who attend Bethel through PSEO in their first year can take BIB101 in their second year (after graduating from high school).

** Math placement test required to take either Pre-Calculus or Calculus 1. 

Make Progress Toward a Major

Beyond completing high school credits and beginning their college general education curriculum, most PSEO students also have the opportunity to take courses toward a college major. Bethel offers over 90 majors and pre-professional programs, listed on our website or you can browse the academic catalog.

Our PSEO students are each paired with an academic advisor in their major or an area of potential interest. From their first day on campus, PSEO students can connect with their advisor to talk about what major is right for them, how their major fits with their career goals, and what opportunities Bethel offers to help them achieve their dreams. Students can also visit the Office of Career Development and Calling to learn more about their own strengths and preferences and how their major might relate to a career.

Remember, most students change their major at some point in their college experience, so it’s a good idea to explore your options and talk to experts who can help you sort through your experiences! Whatever major you choose, Bethel’s staff and faculty will work with you to make the most of your time and find fulfillment in the path God has called you to take.