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My Advisee wants to drop a course

My Advisee wants to drop a course

There are several factors to consider when deciding if dropping a course is the right action for your advisee, including how dropping a course will impact their academic plans, information from progress reports and several other factors. But, before any student drops a course, check the following two pieces:

  1. If the student is an athlete, remind them to contact Gretchen Hunt (NCAA Compliance and Eligibility Officer; gretchen-hunt@bethel.edu) before withdrawing from any courses that would put them below 12 credits.

  2. If the student is receiving any type of financial aid, encourage them to go to The Office of Financial Aid or email the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid counselors are happy to check to see if a change in credits will impact the student’s financial aid package. It is always best to have the student check any potential credit changes with a financial aid counselor.  

If the student does decide to drop a course, pay attention to add/drop deadlines on the academic calendar, and direct them to the dropping courses section of this page.