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Maybe you already know what you want to major in, or maybe you don’t. Either way, it is worth taking time to explore what Bethel offers! Many Bethel students begin classes without really knowing what their major will be, and many students switch majors in their freshman, sophomore, or even junior years. Through your general education courses, conversations with your advisor, and other activities, you’ll have many opportunities to think about how your major relates to your interests, strengths, passions, and calling. 

Check out a Clarion article to see how one Bethel student explored their major and found a different but incredibly fulfilling path.

As you’re exploring majors, try the strategies below to help you learn more about yourself and your calling. Your advisor, career counselors, and many other Bethel faculty and staff are eager to help you in any way they can. And remember, it’s ok to change!

Explore Inside

  • Take time to learn about yourself by reflecting on your interests, strengths, goals, experiences, favorite classes, and other factors. 
  • Brainstorm with your academic advisor, and connect with the Office of Career Development and Calling to take assessments, explore career inventories, and discuss your options with a career counselor.
  • Read about Bethel's majors and programs and look at requirements for each major in the catalogThen, use directory.bethel.edu and "Search by department" to find a faculty member in the area you are considering. Send an email to make an appointment—faculty would love to talk to you about their area of expertise and how it might fit with your interests.
  • Make a list of classes that sound interesting to you. Look for trends or themes in your choices, or better yet, start taking some of those classes you flagged as intriguing! Your advisor can help you work these into your academic plan.
  • Ask your friends and family what strengths and aptitudes they see in you (and compare this with your own self-assessment).

Explore Outside

Explore Forward

  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory and explore careers through the Office of Career Development and Calling.
  • Attend a job or internship fair or talk to recruiters on campus.
  • Consider exploring Health related careers. The course CHL110: Introduction to Healthcare is a great way to begin exploring careers in the Healthcare field. You can also check out the Pathways and Endorsements in the Bethel Catalog.
  • Ask your career counselor how to use LinkedIn to connect with Bethel alumni whose work sounds interesting.
  • Talk to a faculty member, upperclassman, or alumnus in a field you’re thinking about to learn more about their experience.

Explore Up

  • Ask God for wisdom and perception as you consider your many options.
  • Think about your calling to use your strengths for God’s kingdom.
  • Seek direction through prayer, Scripture, your small group, and Bethel’s Campus Ministries staff.

Ready to Declare a Major?

Use the Change of Major/Minor/Advisor on the Registrar's Office website to update your student records with your intended major(s) and minor(s).

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