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Transfer students bring a valuable and diverse set of experiences to Bethel. Transferring credits to Bethel also brings up many questions regarding how transfer work counts toward a student's requirements and how long a student should expect to take to complete their degree.

How do courses transfer to Bethel?

  • Transfer Policies
  • Transferring Credits to Bethel
  • Search for transfer courses using the Transfer Evaluation System (TES)
    • TES is sorted by school name, so look for courses within the college or university at which a student completed the credits. Find the school’s name in the alphabetical index, then click the name to see a list of courses that transfer to Bethel. You can search by course code to see how specific classes transfer to Bethel.
    • Special note for GES 160 Inquiry Seminar transfer course equivalencies: different courses will fulfill this requirement, dependent on entry year.
    • If a course or school isn’t listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t transfer to Bethel. It may mean that we simply haven’t evaluated the course yet. Students can fill out a transfer course petition to have classes evaluated.

What General Education courses does a transfer student need?

General Education Entry Standing Charts

When you transfer credits into Bethel, you are assigned an Entry Standing. If you transfer more than 26 college-level credits to Bethel, you’ll be exempt from some general education requirements. To find out exactly which General Education courses you may be exempt from, find the General Education requirements associated with your entry year, using the charts below (ex: If you started Bethel in Fall 2018, your entry year would be 2018-2019):

How do I check my transfer credits?

Incoming students who have submitted transfer work to the Registrar's Office will receive an email with a transcript evaluation.

Current students can check their transcript to see how their transfer work transferred into Bethel. See How to Read Your Transcript for more information.