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Transfer students bring a valuable and diverse set of experiences to Bethel. Transferring credits to Bethel also brings up many questions regarding how transfer work counts toward a student's requirements and how long a student should expect to take to complete their degree.

How do courses transfer to Bethel?

What General Education courses does a transfer student need?

General Education Entry Standing Charts

When you transfer credits into Bethel, you are assigned an Entry Standing. If you transfer more than 29 college-level credits to Bethel, you’ll be exempt from some general education requirements. To find out exactly which General Education courses you may be exempt from, look here.

How do I check my transfer credits?

Incoming students who have submitted transfer work to the Registrar's Office will receive an email with a transcript evaluation.

Current students can check their transcript to see how their transfer work transferred into Bethel. See How to Read Your Transcript for more information.