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Curriculum and Academic Planning

This page covers:

Understanding Curriculum

General Education

Majors, Minors and Programs

Study Abroad Options

  • Study Abroad Office Website
  • Off-Campus Program Classification
  • Note about registration for Study Abroad: If a student is on England Term, Europe Term, Guatemala Term or Spain Term,they will register for the specific Bethel courses from the catalog that they are taking abroad. Students studying abroad on a program not listed above should register for a placeholder course, GES284 Off-Campus Study. The placeholder course lets students select the number of credits they're taking, so their registration can match the number of credits they will be taking on their program abroad.

Academic Requirements

Academic Planning

See the resources under the Current Student Academic Planning page.

Mod Schedule
Advising and Registration Quickstart for students

Academic Plans

Academic Plans can be found in the catalog for a student’s entry year and on the Academic Affairs website.

BU Academic Planning Sheet

The BU Academic Planning Sheet allows students and advisors to collaborate on planning a student’s remaining time at Bethel.  If you have F’20, S’21, or F’21 entry advisees, use the planning sheet created for them.  Students who entered S’20 and prior, can use these directions for creating a planning sheet.  

New to the Planning sheet? Watch this Getting Started (4:33) video and see these Advisor Tips for the BU Academic Planning Sheet.

Transfer Credit

See Transfer Information.