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PSEO and Dual Enrollment

Bethel’s PSEO and dual enrollment programs allow high school juniors and seniors to complete college classes at Bethel while finishing their high school diploma.

Academic Planning for PSEO and Dual Enrollment

As a PSEO or dual enrollment student at Bethel, you can enroll in most classes, with a few exceptions. Because of this flexibility, you can finish your high school graduation requirements, begin working on college general education credits, and make progress toward a major all in your final years of high school.

Finish High School Requirements

Bethel has a number of courses that commonly fulfill high school graduation requirements for PSEO and dual enrollment students. At the following links you can find course listings and associated high school requirements, which can give you a good starting place when working out graduation requirements—but be sure to double check all courses with your high school counselor to make sure they'll satisfy your high school credit requirements. 

Face to Face Courses Online Courses

Begin Working on College General Education Credits

Planning to continue at Bethel after participating in PSEO or dual enrollment? You can begin fulfilling your Bethel general education requirements from your very first semester. If you're planning to transfer Bethel’s general education courses to other schools, we recommend checking with your target school to see how Bethel’s courses will transfer. In general, most schools require courses similar to Bethel’s composition, math, science, arts appreciation, and other courses.

*Note that PSEO students are not eligible to enroll in BIB101 Introduction to the Bible, which is usually part of Bethels students’ first-year curriculum. Students who attend Bethel through PSEO or dual enrollment can take BIB101 in their first year after graduating from high school.

Make Progress Toward a Major

Beyond completing high school credits and beginning your college general education curriculum, you may also have the opportunity to take courses toward a college major. Bethel offers over 100 areas of study, listed on our website or you can browse the academic catalog.

As a PSEO or dual enrollment student, you'll be paired with an academic advisor in your major or an area of potential interest. From your first day, you can connect with your advisor to talk about what major is right for you, how your major fits with your career goals, and what opportunities Bethel offers to help you achieve your dreams. You may also visit the Office of Career Development and Calling to learn more about your strengths and preferences and how your major might relate to a career.

Remember, most students change their major at some point in their college experience, so it’s a good idea to explore your options and talk to experts who can help you sort through your experiences! Whatever major you choose, Bethel’s staff and faculty will work with you to make the most of your time and find fulfillment in the path God has called you to take.