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Search Criteria

Demonstrated unwavering commitment to our two foundational documents: Affirmation of Faith and The Covenant of Life Together.

Long and deeply demonstrated commitment to Bethel.

Known and respected by the Board and the Bethel Community.

Willingness to play an active role in all facets of the Committee’s work, devoting significant time and energy to the identification, recruitment, and selection of the next President of Bethel University. This means attending all scheduled meetings of the Committee and adequately preparing for these meetings.

Experience related to executive recruitment preferred.

Demonstrated capacity to be a team player.

Commitment to treat all workings of the Committee, including the names of all search candidates in strictest confidence. Understand and agree that only the Committee Chair, the Board Chair, or Michael Vedders will serve as spokespersons for the Committee.

Ability and willingness to elevate and represent the overall mission and vision of the University above personal priorities, concerns, or special interests.

Demonstrated ability to make wise, sound decisions that will be in the long-term best interests of the entire University community.

Demonstrated ability and willingness to hold meaningful listening sessions with multiple members of the University community, serving in the capacity as ambassadors on behalf of the University.

Openly and thoroughly disclose any potential conflict of interest with the process or with any candidate.