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Search Process

The Search Committee will develop and recommend to the Board for approval a Presidential Profile. The Profile will be developed by soliciting input from the Board and from the University community regarding the qualities and competencies needed for the next University President. After Board approval, the Profile will be published to the community. The Profile will be used to guide candidate recruitment. 

The Search Committee will be tasked with interviewing and retaining a professional search firm. All candidate recommendations and information will be funneled through the search firm. 

The Search Committee will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive communication plan regarding the search process so that the University community and external communities, as appropriate, will be informed of progress. The communication plan will include scheduled meetings, listening sessions, and open forums with the University community including faculty, staff, administration, students, alumni, donors, etc. 

The Search Committee will dedicate itself and spend considerable time and energy identifying potential candidates. It will actively invite nominations from the University community and the external community. It will be in the best interests of the University to broadly recruit candidates. 

The Committee will carefully evaluate candidates against the Presidential Profile and assess institutional fit. 

The Committee will be responsible for identifying and leveraging a comprehensive assessment process for the final candidate(s). 

In consultation with the Compensation Committee and Executive Committee, the Search Committee will recommend remuneration, benefits, and other contractual arrangements to the Board at the time of final decision. 

In consultation with the candidate, administration, and the Board, the Search Committee will develop a first year plan of transition, socialization, and institutional familiarization.

The Search Committee will take the necessary steps to ensure that the final candidate is approved by the Bethel Corporation.