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Preaching Coach Program

Preaching coach program
Preaching that’s biblically-grounded, theologically-sound, engaging, and relevant. It’s a tall order for any pastor. But through Bethel Seminary's Preaching Coach Program, you can become the effective preacher you want to be and improve at crafting your sermons in ways that will transform your listeners’ lives. Through four personal and convenient coaching sessions, you’ll have the chance to receive constructive feedback on your sermons and learn from a seasoned, experienced pastor.

You'll learn to:

  • be more effective in understanding the biblical author’s intention
  • better communicate that intention to today’s audience
  • identify and eliminate the habits that may distract your audience from hearing God’s message


You must be engaged in regular preaching by serving as solo/lead pastor, teaching pastor, or part of a teaching team preaching no less than once per month. If you do not serve a local congregation, but still regularly preach in a role like chaplain or evangelist, you may still be considered.

How it works

  1. Apply online.

    Applications are accepted year-round and will be assessed and selected on likelihood of the program's benefits to you.

    If selected, you’ll be paired with a coach who matches your needs or ministry context. From around the country and representing diverse traditions, denominations, and cultures, our coaches are seasoned and passionate about helping you.

    Apply now


  2. Pay the $50 enrollment fee (non-refundable).


  3. Provide a video of a recent sermon to your coach.


  4. Meet with your coach.

    You will start with an initial coaching session. This can be done via Zoom or in-person based on convenience, feasibility, and your schedule.

    Then, over the next several months, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your coach three more times for one hour each.


We’d love to connect and help you decide if the Preaching Coach Program makes sense for you. Contact seminary@bethel.edu.