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The graphic design minor teaches students how to communicate efficiently, problem solve creatively, and design systems, processes, products, and interfaces with human users in mind.

Why should I study graphic design?

Design is an essential part of modern business. Employees in many different fields work with design components on a daily basis because graphic images bring brands and products to life. Students minoring in graphic design gain a comprehensive understanding of the need for images and ways to create them through courses including art history, digital media, typography and upper-level graphic design. The skills learned in these classes are valuable assets that can set you apart in a wide range of professional environments.

What can I do with this degree?

With a graphic design minor, you'll be equipped to create, evaluate, and participate in graphic design initiatives and activities. A graphic design minor pairs well with majors such as business, communication, journalism, or art and positions students to work collaboratively on and with design teams.

What skills will I develop?

  • From typography to web design, you’ll gain proficiency in industry-standard software
  • An understanding of essential graphic design principles
  • The ability to design for real-world projects and scenarios
  • The ability to interface effectively with design teams and individuals in a professional setting

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

Gain internship experience

The Twin Cities area boasts numerous design shops, agencies, start-ups, and in-house design opportunities—allowing students to gain essential experiences outside the classroom. Recently, graphic design students have conducted internships with area design groups, publishing houses, in-house teams, and nonprofits including Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge and Urban Ventures.

Benefit from cross-departmental collaboration

Successful graphic design work relies on collaboration, which is why we encourage students from any discipline to consider a graphic design minor and also seek out opportunities for graphic design students and classes to partner with other academic departments and real-world businesses. These efforts have resulted in major successes for our students on a professional level. Students have the opportunity to participate in design J-Term trip where they can use their experiences and varying skillsets to publish a magazine, which has won numerous national awards from the University & College Designers Association as well as an Associated Collegiate Press national title of Best Feature Magazine. 


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