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Award-Winning Student Research


Examining the Effects of Senior Yoga on Balance and Fear of Falling in a Female Elderly Population (pdf)

Rachel Arnott, Adelyn Conrath, Chris Carroll, PhD, Dan Halvorsen, PhD

Effects of Varying Cycle Ergometry Intensities on Reaction Time and Cognitive Functioning in Active Collegiates (pdf)

Aimee Broman, Angela Buck, Justin Byers, MS, ATC, Chris Carroll, PhD

The Effects of Auditory Stimulation on Reaction Time and Heart Rate of College-Aged Students (pdf)

Dani Morgan, Heidi Klingelhofer, Kara Bethke, Dan Halvorsen, PhD

Effects of Sensory Deprivation on Upper Extremity Neuromuscular Recruitment in a Closed Kinetic Chain Movement (pdf)

DuVaughn Schroeder, Rebecca Wesley, Seth Paradis, PhD

Effects of Core Strengthening Exercise on Balance and Quality of Life in an Elderly Population (pdf)

Rachel Geiger, Hayden Sutton, Dan Halvorsen, PhD

Effects of Chronic Supplementation of Advocare’s O2 Gold on Maximal Oxygen Performance (pdf)

Hillary Henke, Tera Hereid, Dan Halvorsen, PhD, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effectiveness of the BIOSWAY on Balance in College Aged Non-Athlete Females (pdf)

Ethan Blankespoor, Jordan Kooiman, Chris Carroll, PhD, Justin Byers, MS, ATC

The Effects of Yoga on Mobility, Stability and Balance in Children with Down Syndrome (pdf)

Kristen Bjorklund, Lindsay McDaniels, Chris Carroll, PhD, Dan Halvorsen, PhD

Leg Fatigue in Division III Female Soccer and Volleyball Athletes Throughout The Regular Season (pdf)

Nicole Berscheid, Callie Roseland, Dan Halvorsen, PhD

The Effect of Acute Anxiety on Lower Extremity Neuromuscular Function of NCAA D3 Athletes (pdf)

Noah Emanuel, Justin Byers, MS, ATC

The Inter-tester Reliability of the SCAT 3 (pdf)

Matthias Oawster, Sarah Scholl, Justin Byers, MS, ATC

The Effects of Self-Joint Mobilization on Thoracic Extension Utilizing a High Density Foam Roller (pdf)

John De Cleene, Pat Roiger, Janet Johnson, DPT, ATC, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Correlation of VO2 Peak and Repeated Sprint Ability in College Hockey Athletes (pdf)

Josh Shingler, Ryan Townsend, Seth Paradis, PhD

A Quantitative Analysis of Ground Contact Time, Impulse, and Average Force in Various Plyometric Exercises (pdf)

JD Melhorn, Josh Treimer, Chris Carroll, PhD, Cal Dietz

The Effects of an Aquatics Protocol on Leg Muscle Strength in Active Population (pdf)

Allison Linde, Garrett Windle, Chris Carroll, PhD


The Effects of Visual and Auditory Deprivation on Lower Extremity Neuromuscular Facilitation (pdf)

Grant Kaper, Elizabeth Luginbill, Kira Potach, Justin Byers, MS, ATC, Seth Paradis, PhD
Second Place Northland Chapter ACSM, Spring 2013

Reliability of Accelerometer vs. Tendo-Unit (pdf)

Brian Davies, Chris Carroll, MS

Correlation of Throwing Velocity to Front Crawl Swimming Speed (pdf)

Esteban Abbey, David Freed, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effects of a 4-week Yoga Program on Perceived Level of Stress and Functional Movement (pdf)

Lydia Bergeson, Emily Dillner, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effects of Anaerobic Fatigue on Reaction Time as it Relates to Cognitive Function (pdf)

Gavin Woodland, Justin Byers, MS, ATC, Seth Paradis, PhD

A Comparative Analysis of Body Image and Body Composition in Female Collegiate Athletes and Non-athletes (pdf)

Katie Hayden, Lisa Scheevel, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effect of Swim Training on Speed, Agility and Power in Women Ice Hockey Players (pdf)

Jenna Dean, Ariel McCullum, Chris Carroll, MS, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effects of Visual Cueing on Anticipatory Performance in Male Ice Hockey Goaltenders (pdf)

J.P. Cartier, Eric Studer, Seth Paradis, PhD

Effects of Lower Extremity Anaerobic Fatigue on Neuromuscular Function and Jumping Performance (pdf)

Grant Kaper, Tyler King, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Acute Effect of Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy on Improving Upper Extremity Motor Performance (pdf)

Erika Anderson, Victoria Glader, Seth Paradis PhD

Knee Joint Angle and Lower Extremity Neuromuscular Analysis in a Geriatric Female Population (pdf)

Jacob Clabaugh, Ben Sandquist, Seth Paradis, PhD

The Effects of a 5-week Core Focused Exercise Program on the Static Balance and Perceived Quality of Life in the Elderly Population (pdf)

Kaitlyn Anderson, Love Washington, Seth Paradis, PhD

Acute Effects of Barefoot Training on Leg Power Production and Metabolics in a Military Population (pdf)

Aaron Phelps, Kyle Terhark, Seth Paradis, PhD