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What is Bethel Forensics?

  • Intercollegiate speech and debate 
  • A place to get to know new friends 
  • 2-time team champions at the National Christian College Forensics Invitational
  • Home of 2 National Parliamentary Debate Association All-Americans 
  • Open to any major, and any year in school -- no experience necessary!
  • A team that strives for success in forensics and in the classroom
  • A place for you! 

Bethel Forensics is...

Bethel's Forensics team is a different kind of team. As this website expands, we will tell more of the story of what makes us different -- our commitment to the pedagogical value of forensics, our commitment to our religious tradition, and our desire that forensics be a positive experience for all who participate. You can find out more about how we feel in our mission statement, as well as in the team history. Whether you're one of our alums, someone considering our program, or want to learn more about college forensics, come find out more about us!

Our Mission

We believe that forensics is an educational mission, specially designed to encourage students to improve their public speaking skills in a variety of different forms and contexts.

Bethel's program exists to serve three consitutencies:

  • First, it serves the needs of the Department of Communication Studies, our sponsoring department. Forensics serves as a laboratory for students who take our courses, and it serves as a cocurricular way of giving students the opportunity to teach and be taught by others outside of our own institution.
  • Second, it serves the needs of students of all majors. It is a way for students to learn more about communication as well as the world around us, and gives students opportunities to practice what they have learned. In fact, most of the team have majors outside of Communication Studies. 
  • Finally, Bethel's forensics team exists in the context of a Christian institution. It is informed by the Christian mission of Bethel. Bethel's team is a part of both the forensic and the Christian community, and we seek to be positive examples of the work that God is doing through each member of the team.

What makes us unique?

  • We seek to serve the forensics community through our commitment to first-time forensics students. From 1997-2014, we were the sponsoring school for Novice Nationals, a tournament for first-year intercollegiate competitors. Also, we encourage students with no previous experience to compete either as part of our courses or as part of our team.
  • We believe that each student who is on our team is on the team for a reason. Our role is to help the student identify the reason, and find the ways in which we can minister to and through each student.
  • We believe that our knowledge and experience is meant to be used not just for competitive reasons, but also to help others. 

If you're a Bethel student wondering why you should be involved in forensics, please check out our information just for you. 

Do you want to learn more about the different types of events? We have a list of them available. 

Be sure to check out our 2016-2017 schedule of tournaments. 

Bethel Forensics is a part of the Department of Communication Studies at Bethel University.

If you're looking for information about the field of forensic science and criminology, you're not in the right place! We recommend that you consult Google or another search engine, and use a search term that includes "not speech" or "not debate."

For more information about the forensics team or this site, contact Dr. Michael Dreher, Director of Forensics, or Prof. Jessica Samens, Assistant Director of Forensics. 

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