Engineering at Bethel

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Learn from some of the top minds in science. Do grant-funded research in cutting-edge laboratories. Design the devices and programs of the future.

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Community and Collaboration

At Bethel, you’ll build friendships and network with other scientists who see their work as worship. You’ll be supported and encouraged by a community of successful alumni who are actively engaged in students’ lives. And because of Bethel’s proximity to the many thriving engineering companies in the Twin Cities, you’ll have unparalleled access to internships, mentors, and job opportunities.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, or test mechanical and thermal devices for every setting imaginable. Every tool, engine, or machine has been developed by a mechanical engineer. 

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical engineers create devices which use electricity, contain electronics, or rely on electromagnetism-and electrical engineers are found in nearly every industry sector of our economy. 

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design and develop the computer processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers that form the physical foundation of our ever-changing tech landscape.

Software Engineering

Software engineers are vital to nearly every modern workplace, with specialized skills in programming and an ability to manage software and networking projects. 

Dual-Degree Program

Take three years of foundational engineering courses and then transfer to specialize beyond what Bethel offers. Popular options include aeronautical, biomedical, bioproducts, chemical, civil, environmental, or materials engineering.  

Preparation for Graduate Engineering

Major in physics or applied physics and go on to a graduate degree in an engineering field such as biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, industrial, or aerospace engineering. This increasingly popular option builds on a foundation firmly rooted in the physical world from which students can do innovative, research-oriented engineering.
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Tour Our Labs

Get a sense for Bethel’s engineering programs on a customized tour of our laboratories. Meet our engineering faculty, see our cutting-edge lab spaces, and/or hear from student researchers firsthand.



square feet of physics and engineering labs (doubled since 2016)

Over 90% of physics alums receive full financial support for graduate work


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Just Get Started

Don’t know exactly what you want to do long-term? That’s OK! Our engineering coursework has been designed to move from general to specialized, with flexibility for you to explore your interests as you move toward your career.

You’ll begin with the same first-year courses regardless of your specialty, and you’ll be able to focus as you go. Faculty advisors and mentors will walk alongside you, getting to know your aptitudes and selecting learning experiences that will help you grow.

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