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One of only a handful of standalone Christian programs of its kind, Bethel's Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering program builds on a strong foundation in physics while giving students exposure to high-level, specialized design opportunities. Students get the both of best worlds: a tight-knit learning atmosphere in a liberal arts setting plus advanced, hands-on learning and original research experiences. It is possible to complete the entire degree in as few as four years, efficiently setting students up for success in a variety of industries or graduate school.

Why should I study mechanical engineering?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% increase in the total number of mechanical engineering positions in the United States by 2026, with a median income of over $85,000 annually. Mechanical engineers are needed in a variety of industries, so students have the unique ability to tailor their career paths within a growing and hands-on field. But a big part of any engineer’s success lies in his or her ability to communicate well with other types of engineers and professionals on their teams, as well as the public. Because this program is offered within Bethel's signature liberal arts learning environment, students learn to think broadly, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively, setting them apart from other job applicants. By working closely with Bethel's other cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology programs, students become comfortable working with diverse teams to create real-world solutions. 

What can I do with this degree?

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest types of engineering, with career paths centered on designing, developing, building, or testing mechanical and thermal devices for every setting imagineable. Every tool, engine, or machine has been developed by a mechanical engineer! Mechanical engineering graduates work on:

  • vehicles, including initial design and performance improvement
  • internal combustion engines
  • steam and gas turbines
  • refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • elevators and escalators
  • conveyor systems and automated transfer stations
  • electric generators
  • aerodynamics
  • robotics
  • sensors
  • biomedical applications from artificial joints to heart stents

What skills will I develop?

The physics-based approach we take at Bethel provides a scientific perspective on problem-solving in engineering and the additional lab skills that come with it. Furthermore, a solid physics foundation provides a platform on which graduates can draw even as technology continues to develop and evolve. The Bethel community experience will help you grow into a whole and holy person, and you'll also have access to specialized labs, doing significant research and/or design work alongside professors before you graduate. As a Bethel engineering graduate, you will have a unique mix of skills and experiences that will set you apart from graduates from other universities.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the R.E.A.L. Experience—a program specifically designed to help you gain the relevant, hands-on experience employers desire—so that when you graduate, you’ll be as impressive in practice as you are on paper.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

In the physics and engineering department, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with professors from multiple disciplines on real-world design and research projects; publish papers in prestigious journals; present your findings at local and national conferences; intern at a wide range of companies, government agencies, and universities; and work as a research assistant during the summer months.

Bethel alumni are also involved in undergraduate classes and regular visitors to campus, so you'll graduate with a built-in network of successful local engineers who model Christ-centered excellence in the field, inspire you, and help equip you for success.


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- U.S. Census Bureau

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