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English is about more than books. It's about bringing words to life.

The Department of English prepares graduates who are passionate about writing stories, reading literature, and teaching English with a rich, diverse understanding of the world. You’ll be challenged to discern what it means to be a Christian reader and writer in a world searching for strong, wise voices.

Majors, Minors, and Programs

Communication Arts and Literature Education 5-12 Major
Creative Writing Minor Minor
English Literature Major Minor
English Literature and Writing Major
Film Studies Minor Minor
Journalism Major Minor

Upcoming Events

MAY 11 2017

Hospitable Readers, Neighboring Texts

10:20 a.m. University Library Fireside Lounge.

What does it mean to focus on "neighborly reading"?

An English Program that goes Beyond the Classroom

We know that preparing for a career is more than sitting in a classroom. Your dynamic education involves experienced faculty, study abroad options, in-house publications, and internship opportunities—all offered within a Christian learning environment. It’s about bringing the beauty of literature and the craft of writing to life. It’s learning about the world around you as we study literature, writing, and journalism. It’s about experiencing the stories, traditions, and diversity of the world firsthand to grow in our understanding of others and ourselves. It’s about taking our faith in Christ and integrating it into everything we learn, into everything we do, so you can accomplish incredible things—in your career, in your community, and in your world.

0 recent grads received Fulbright Grants to teach English abroad.

0%+ students who score in the 95th percentile on the Major Field Test in Literature

Program Highlights

Study abroad

Engage students, writers, and readers in England, Kenya, Japan, Australia, or Egypt through studying abroad, and explore off-campus programs in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles.

Faculty mentors

Build one-on-one relationships with professors who partner with and encourage you to pursue your professional goals and calling. We’re all practicing, published writers ourselves—passionate about providing valuable insights and feedback on your writing process.

Relevant teaching

Learn about the process of news-gathering, editing, and publishing by working with experienced professionals in our Johnson Center for Journalism and Communication.

Practical opportunities

Hone your writing skills and gain enriching, unforgettable experiences in the literary world through our award-winning student newspaper, literary journal, journalism center, off-campus national conferences, and engaging with the vibrant Twin Cities literary culture. Outstanding Christian journalists frequent our campus for hands-on workshops and speaking engagements.

Gain valuable skills

Journalism students get real-world experience writing news and feature stories for area community newspapers. Funded summer internships are available for outstanding students at places like the Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Kansas City Star, Christianity Today, and the Miami Herald. Students also learn the ropes interning with Redleaf Press, Believers Press, Bethany House Publishers, Coffee House Press, and more.

First-hand learning

Shakespeare students attend performances at the Guthrie Theater as well as at smaller venues throughout the Twin Cities before performing their own scenes in class. Juvenile Literature students read a book and correspond by email with their local, eighth grade “reading buddies” to test adolescent literacy theories in the real world.

Versatile career preparation

What can you do with your English major? The answers are endless. But we’re most proud that our students are equipped to perceive, collaborate, and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Christian worldview

We strive to integrate faith and learning by approaching our study through the eyes of faith. Your rich interaction with literature and writing, taught by outstanding Christian professors, will fuel your growth as a Christian and a scholar.

What can I do with an English degree?

English students prepare for professional careers in a variety of industries and graduate programs ranging from education to journalism to ministry.


Our English graduates work as:

  • Middle school, high school, and college teachers around the world
  • Development specialists
  • Public affairs specialists
  • Communications specialists
  • Publicists
  • Ministers
  • Media center directors
  • Web developers
  • Lawyers
  • Communications developers and consultants
  • Editors at magazines and publishing houses
  • Writers/authors
  • Newspaper reporters
  • Sports information directors
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs

Watch this video for more ideas.

Graduate Schools

Graduate schools our alumni have attended:

  • University of Chicago
  • Baylor
  • UC Berkeley
  • Northwestern
  • Purdue
  • Arizona State
  • Sarah Lawrence
  • Hamline
  • George Washington
  • Minnesota
  • Princeton Seminary
  • Columbia University
  • Miami of Ohio

Graduate Fields

Our alumni study:

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Corporate and nonprofit communications
  • Publishing and editing
  • Ministry
  • Sports information
  • Public affairs/policy
  • Consulting

Student Media

The "Coeval" Undergraduate Literary and Art Magazine

The Coeval, meaning "of the same age," is Bethel's undergraduate literary and art magazine. Published each semester, the Coeval is edited by students and advised by the English department. See the archive of Coeval issues in the Digital Library

Royal Report

The Royal Report is the outlet for our Journalism students exploring writing, photography, and video content. The Medium site features students' story assignments and captivating images. The Royal Report Youtube channel features short vignettes and stories that provide a deeper look into the people and issues at Bethel. 

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