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The minor in health education prepares students to teach about health and related issues in a middle or high school setting. This minor does not result in a license for teaching health education in the state of Minnesota. However, some states do acknowledge the completion of a minor as a sufficient qualification for formal teaching of health education.

Why should I study health education?

As an ambassador for health and wellness, you’ll play an important role in health promotion and referral. Critical topics addressed include the following, with a view toward preventing disease and making positive lifestyle choices: alcohol and drug use/abuse, mental health issues, violence, child abuse, nutrition, eating disorders, physical activity, and human sexuality.

What can I do with this degree?

Graduates who later qualify for a health education 5-12 license work as:

  • Teachers in public and private school across the U.S.
  • School health coordinators
  • Community health educators or specialists
  • Leaders in community health agencies (American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.)
  • Federal, state, county, or local government employees
  • Hospital or medical clinic staff
  • Senior healthcare facility staff

Some alumni have gone on to graduate programs in:

  • Education
  • Educational leadership
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physician assistant
  • Physical therapy
  • Public health (epidemiology, environmental health, etc.)

What skills will I develop?

  • Critical thinking
  • Effective collaboration and communication with others
  • Methods for teaching health topics
  • Educational psychology
  • Understanding personal and public health issues
  • Integration of Christian faith with scientific and ethical study
  • Classroom management
  • Addressing the whole person of your learners

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

We encourage you to combine your knowledge and skills in health education with your major of study in your experiences inside and outside the classroom.

0% of grads applying for license in the past five years are currently teaching

0 students in both majors

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