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Music Department Scholarship

Each year the Department of Music and Theatre awards scholarships to high-potential students. If music is your passion and you desire to major in or be involved in music at Bethel, consider applying for Bethel’s music performance scholarship. This scholarship is renewable.

Timelines and Eligibility

For information on scholarship deadlines, eligibility requirements, and how to apply, please visit our undergraduate scholarship page. The scholarships are organized alphabetically, so keep scrolling until you see the Music Performance Scholarship!

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Explore Bethel’s Department of Music and Theatre.

Bethel’s Department of Music and Theatre prepares graduates who are talented artists in tune with the creativity of our Maker. You’ll be challenged to grow in your abilities and prepare for a lifetime of sharing your gifts.

Apply for the Music Performance Scholarship!

If you’re excited to be part of the music community and to perform at Bethel, apply to the Music Performance Scholarship for an opportunity that will help you take the next step toward pursuing your calling at Bethel!

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For questions about the scholarship, please reach out Department of Music and Theatre faculty at music@bethel.edu.

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