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Media and Performing Arts Minor

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With a minor in media and performing arts, you’ll follow your passion for performance while advancing your technical skills. Your classes and performing opportunities will include a variety of subjects, including media production, communication, acting, musical theatre, and opera—so you’ll be equipped to not only tell meaningful stories, but produce them as well.

Why should I study media and performing arts?

Storytelling is a valued skill in almost every industry and profession today. Acquiring the skillset to produce video and film, audio and podcasts, social media posts, live events, and content for ad campaigns will enhance your career opportunities—especially if you plan to enter a creative field, since you’ll have transferable skills.

What can I do with this degree?

You’ll be equipped to work in a variety of settings, including:

  • live (streaming) church productions
  • musical composition and recordings
  • technical aspects of theatrical productions
  • live events for corporate, educational, or parachurch organizations

The foundational skills you’ll gain with the media and performing arts minor have the potential to launch you into a career you’re passionate about, where you can tell the stories that matter most to you.

What skills will I develop?

  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Media production
  • Pre-production story design
  • Video production
  • Audio production
  • Post production editing

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

Bethel programs involve extensive participation in high quality live productions and pre-produced media pieces created with state-of-the-art tools and training in our media labs and classes.


music education grads since 2011 are teaching


students involved in musical activities

Upcoming Events

APR 14 2023

The Vettern College Choir Concert

7 p.m. Benson Great Hall

The Vettern College Choir from Jönköping, Sweden performs in Benson Great Hall on their 2023 international tour

APR 18 2023

Chamber Ensembles Spring Concert

7:30 p.m. Benson Great Hall

Bethel's Chamber Ensembles present a Spring Concert

APR 20 2023

Great Hall Choral Arts Festival - "Engage, Enrich, Expand"

8 p.m. Benson Great Hall

Area high school choirs join Bethel Choir and Composer and Conductor Saunder Choi.

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