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We've outlined some facts behind the sticker price of annual tuition to show that Bethel can be affordable—and a great value.

Consider Total Cost

How many years will it take to graduate? About 70% of Bethel students graduate in 4 years—compared with just 37% at the best state school in our region. In fact, it takes 6 years for the majority of state college students to finish.

That means Bethel students are finishing 2 years earlier and have 2 more years of earning power—and that easily makes up for the difference in total costs.

And how likely is it that you'll get a job? Well, 98% of our 2010 graduates report that they were employed or in graduate school 6 months after their Bethel graduation.

Yes, Financial Aid Is Available

About 93% of Bethel students received financial aid last year (88% received grants and scholarships they don't need to repay). We've also recently increased the total amount of scholarship and grant money invested in new students.

Don't let financial constraints keep you from exploring Bethel. In fact, 7 out of 10 families who look into financial aid at Bethel end up enrolling.

It's About Value, Not Just Price

Think about it this way: Who you become in college lasts a lifetime. Your occupation, your character, and your relationship with God are shaped to a great extent during the next few years. The investment in college involves more than cost. It's a question of value. So take a closer look at Bethel to see if we're the right fit for where you plan to invest your next 4 years.

More Info on Tuition, Scholarships, and Aid


Get in touch with your admissions counselor to get your questions answered. We'll help you get started and point you to a financial aid expert for more information.

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Majors and Minors

Take a look at our majors and minors to see if Bethel has the right program for you.


Financial Aid

Last year, Bethel gave out $30 million in financial aid to help students pursue their education. Learn more about the financial aid available to you.

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