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Costs & Financial Aid

Your college education is an investment, but you don’t need to pay for it alone. Almost all of our incoming freshman receive scholarships or other forms of financial aid. Apply for financial aid to see all the support you’ll receive.

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Consider Total Cost

When comparing college tuition, it’s helpful to consider factors like how many years you’ll be in school and job placement after graduation.

How does Bethel compare? The majority of Bethel students finish in four years, but it takes six years at most state colleges. That means Bethel grads have two more years of earning power and a two-year head start in their careers.

As for job placement? The unemployment rate for recent Bethel grads is really low—only 0.6%. That’s well below the national rate for college graduates.

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We're committed to giving away millions in gift aid each year to incoming students so costs don't stand in the way of your Bethel degree.

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Ninety percent of incoming Bethel students receive financial aid. Find out how much you could get with our financial aid estimator.

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Questions? Ask Your Counselor

Your counselor is here to support you every step of the way. They’ll set up a meeting with one of our financial aid experts to make sure you’re getting the most aid available.