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Blake Birno

Student Body President

Blake is a Junior Business Marketing major and a Leadership, and Communication minor with a Healthcare Endorsement. A fun fact about Blake is that he and his family are the second-best Small Pie class pumpkin growers in the state of Minnesota (according to the MN state fair). Blake chose to be a part of BSG in order to serve all students on campus and give back to the community that has given so much to so many people.

Marissa Cutlan

Student Body Vice President

Marissa is a junior Biochemistry major and Psychology minor. A fun fact about Marissa is that she runs on the cross country and track and field teams at Bethel, absolutely loves being outdoors, and can rap/sing the whole soundtrack to Hamilton. Marissa chose to be a part of BSG because she is passionate about serving the Student Body and building relationships with people from all backgrounds. 

Communications and Marketing

Britta Carlson

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Britta is a junior Business major with an emphasis in marketing. A fun fact about Britta is she is related to Josh Duhamel (and used to be related to Fergie too). Britta chose to be a part of BSG because she wanted a way to get connected more on campus and work with a team of students to serve the student body through marketing. 

Audra Carlson

Director of Social Media

Bella Williams

Director of Graphic Design

Brenna Martin

Director of Graphic Design

Hannah Hobus

Director of Graphic Design


Thomas Freed

Financial Officer

Thomas is a senior majoring in Finance, Economics, and Business. A fun fact about Thomas is that his great-grandfather was the officiant for the last survivor of the Titanic’s wedding. Thomas chose to be part of BSG because it is a great opportunity to give back to Bethel’s community through serving others. 

Clubs and Organizations

Josh Vana

Executive Director of Clubs and Organizations

Joshua is a Junior Studio Art Major. A fun fact about Josh is that in high school, he was a 3 sport varsity athlete, participated in show choir, musicals, FFA, Skills USA, honors societies, and was chosen to have his art displayed in the Wisconsin capitol! Josh chose to be a part of BSG because he is passionate about serving his community and supporting the many interests on campus. 


Student Activities

Tavniah Dyer

Executive Director of Student Activities

Tavniah is a junior majoring in Social Work and minoring in Gender Studies and Spanish. A fun fact about Tavniah is that a famous musician once shared her post on their Instagram. Tavniah chose to join BSG because she wants to support and empower the student body. 

Karina Nelson

Director of Banquets and Dances

Jess Van Wyk

Director of Special Productions

Callie Beck

Director of Seasonal Events

Ellie McLaughlin

Director of Artistic Productions

Hailey Uecker

Director of Legacy Events


Carolyn Ziebol

Executive Director of Student Senate

Carolyn is a senior Neuroscience major with three minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Creative Writing. A fun fact about Carolyn is that she has a video on YouTube with over a million hits from her youth. Carolyn chose to be a part of BSG because she is passionate about representing the voice of the Student Body and wants to advocate for the voices on campus that aren’t always heard. 

Laura Charolotte Underwood

President Pro Temp

United Cultures of Bethel

Kate Larson

Director of European Americans in Solidarity

Amber Knudson

Director of Asian Student Alliance

Amy Ruiz Plaza

Director of Voz Latinx

Elijah Barlue

Director of Black Student Union

Talia McWright

Director of Mixed Life

Joshua Lopez

Director of First Nations

Student Ministries

Dani Olson

Executive Director of Student Ministries

Dani is a senior Psychology major and Biblical and Theological studies minor. A fun fact about Dani is that her great grandfather invented the Wiffle ball! Dani chose to be a part of BSG because she is passionate about reaching and building up those who feel lost and unconnected on campus and helping them to find belonging and fellowship here.


Hannah Hukriede

Director of Student Ministries

Jammin Henry

Director of Student Ministries