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Elizabeth Szilagyi

Student Body President

Elizabeth Szilagyi is a Senior Communications major. A fun fact about Elizabeth is that she can type 102 words per minute! Elizabeth chose to be a part of BSG because she has a desire to reach out to all types of students, get them connected in ways that fit best, and ensure that everyone feels heard and included.

David Jankowski

Student Body Vice President

David is a Senior Nursing major. A fun fact about David is that he used to be an EMT! He chose to join BSG to help it grow and become more transparent.

Communications and Marketing

Kaylee Schmidt

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Kaylee Schmidt is a Junior Business Marketing major. A fun fact about Kaylee is that she has won the limbo at a rollerskating rink. Kaylee chose to be a part of BSG because she wants to help share the news about all of the events and opportunites that are going around on Bethel's campus.

Ben Martin

Director of Specialty Media

Katie Viesselman

Director of Graphic Design

Grace Schmidt

Director of Graphic Design

Elizabeth McBride

Director of Social Media


Benjamin Hernes

Financial Officer

Benjamin Hernes is a junior Economics & Finance major, studying Business Analysis & Analytics. He's also working on a Biology minor with a Healthcare Endorsement. A fun fact about Benjamin is that he knows Morse Code! Benjamin is excited about enabling the six departments of BSG to better serve the Bethel Students, and is also passionate about setting up ethical and sustainable financial systems.

Clubs and Organizations

Blake Birno

Executive Director of Clubs and Organizations

Blake Birno is a junior business major. He decided to join BSG to serve his community through managing the clubs and organizations at Bethel. A fun fact about Blake is that he is the second best small pie class pumpkin grower in the state of Minnesota!

Student Activities

Jenna Christenson

Executive Director of Student Activities

Jenna is a Senior Communication Arts & Literature Education major. A fun fact about Jenna is that she was in a commercial when she was a baby! Jenna joined BSG to get invovled and give back to SA after being a member for 2 years.

Kjeirstin Carlson

Director of Banquets and Dances

Tavniah Dyer

Director of Special Productions

Marissa Cutlan

Director of Seasonal Events

Dani Olson

Director of Artistic Productions

Emily Olson

Director of Legacy Events


Sam Nguyen

Executive Director of Student Senate

Sam Nguyen is a Junior Biokinetics major. A fun fact about Sam is that he has a third degree black belt in Taekwondo! Sam joined BSG during his freshman year to represent the voices and interests of the student body through Senate.

McKayla Schneck

President Pro Temp

United Cultures of Bethel

Alice Hong

Executive Director of the United Cultures of Bethel

Hyojung (Alice) Hong is a Senior Biology major. A fun fact about Alice is that she loves seafood, & once she ate 2 lbs of salmon sashimi all by herself! She chose to be a part of BSG because she is passionate about connecting and building relationships with people from all backgrounds. Being the executive director of UCB gives her the chance to build bridges between different student bodies on campus.

Dy Say Der

Director of Asian Student Alliance

Ashley Embree

Director of European Americans in Solidarity

Nancy Alquicira

Director of Voz Latinx

Jireh Babalola

Director of Black Student Union

Elijah Rollerson

Director of Mixed Life

Bridger Foster

Director of First Nations

Student Ministries

Paige Revering

Executive Director of Student Ministries

Paige is a Senior History and Social Studies Education major. A fun fact about Paige is that she share a birthday & middle name with both her dad and grandfather! Paige chose to be a part of BSG because she saw a potential to serve and reach all corners of campus.

Maddie Sime

Director of Student Ministries ~ Events

Andrew Marod

Director of Student Ministries ~ Outreach

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