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We are called to create a more equitable, just, and hopeful future—together.

As a Christ-centered university, Bethel is committed to providing an academically excellent, faith-transforming education that prepares students to emulate the life and teachings of Jesus in their churches, workplaces, and communities. At the very heart of Jesus’ message is the command to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves—this command serves as the justification and motivation for our diversity, reconciliation, and inclusive excellence work.

Vision for diversity

We strive to cultivate a Christ-centered community that fosters flourishing for all. And "Inclusive excellence" is the recognition that Bethel's missional fulfillment is dependent on how well we value, engage, and include the rich diversity of everyone in our community—our students, alumni, staff, faculty, administrators, and friends and families.

Get involved

We offer numerous student groups, programs, scholarships, and partnerships that provide support and opportunities to all students and employees. 

Commitment to diversity

We are a community that reflects the body of Christ. Bethel is represented by students from all 50 states and several denominations. In keeping with our commitment to diversity, we seek to improve and expand the presence of historically underrepresented groups, such as people of color, women or men in fields traditionally dominated by the other gender, and families from lower income brackets. Since 2012, the number of students of color at Bethel has nearly doubled. We also continue to refine our hiring practices and employee retention strategies to increase our faculty and staff of color.

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