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Follow our accommodations process to register with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Service (OARS).

Academic Accommodations

Accommodations that provide accessibility both in the classroom (breaks as needed, preferential seating), for course assignments, as well as for course attendance.

Alternative Formats

Textbooks can be provided in an alternative format. An alternative format is typically a digital copy of the book as a Word of PDF document. Large font and Braille are also alternate textbook formats available.

Auxiliary Aids

Auxiliary Aids are services or devices that enable persons with impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills to have an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of, programs or activities. These accommodations include ASL interpreters, CARTDragon software, closed captioning, transcriptions, and other similar services and devices. 

Dietary Accommodations

Dietary accommodations are available to students with dietary needs. These include accommodations within the food service locations at Bethel to ensure students have access to safe, nutritious, and tasteful options. 

Housing Accommodations

Students can request housing accommodations when their disability may require special accommodations.

Notetaking Support

OARS recognizes that some students with disabilities require accommodations for notetaking support to have access to course lectures. Assistive technology options are available to provide notetaking support for students including LiveScribe Pens, Glean Notetaking App, and access to presentation slides.

Parking Accommodations

Students can request a parking permit appeal when off-campus access for a medical or disability related need is required. 

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Individuals with disabilities may utilize service animals or emotional support animals for support during their time at Bethel.

To request a service or emotional support animal click here. 


Various testing accommodations may be provided including an alternative testing space for students who have challenges testing in the typical classroom environment. Students may also receive additional time for tests and quizzes as well as other appropriate testing supports.