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Ready to start or continue your education? We have program options and support systems designed to help you discern and achieve your goals.

Program Options

Bethel’s Undecided Degree program will help you discern what career paths suit your nature, gifts, and calling. You’ll take classes that apply to a broad spectrum of majors, helping you narrow your interests without compromising your time and academic energy. When you select an undecided degree at Bethel, your educational journey will be focused on self-discovery as you progress through courses valuable to your life right now, just as it is.  

Support Systems

As a student in an undecided degree program, you’ll also work closely with our admissions counselors to determine if an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree would fit your educational goals. Our registrar team is eager to work with applicants to see how previous college credits and life experiences work with different majors. Our student success advisors will ensure that you have all the support you need to excel at school and in your life as you discover what major works best for you.


We're excited that you're thinking about applying for one of our adult undergraduate programs. Our online application makes it easy to start. If you have any questions along the way, contact your enrollment counselor. We’re here to help.

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Please note that you’ll have to choose a specific program if you’re transferring more than 60 credits. However, our enrollment counselors are equipped to assist you through every step of this discernment process as you pick a major. No matter what, you won’t be alone.

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