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At Bethel’s College of Adult & Professional Studies, we want to help you earn the credits you need to keep you advancing toward your academic goals.

We'll Design a Plan for You

Your enrollment counselor can help you build a roadmap to your degree and let you know about application deadlines.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to find out more. You can also send your transcripts to us for a free evaluation.

Ways to Earn Credit

We offer several ways for you to earn credits towards your degree. Check out all your options.

  • Transferring credits. If you have credits from regionally accredited colleges or universities, they will likely transfer to Bethel.
  • Taking courses for adults at Bethel. Check out our variety of elective courses for adults. 5-week classes!
  • Submitting documentation of professional credentials. Many selected professional training programs, examinations, or other credentials are eligible for college credit.
  • Testing out. Bethel is a testing location for DSST tests offered 3 days a month, or you can transfer CLEP or AP tests.
  • Submitting transcripts of military experience. If you're a veteran, you can earn credit for basic training and many other common military experiences.