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The cost of attendance (CPA) provides a comprehensive estimate of what you'll pay to attend Bethel College of Adult & Professional Studies. Your COA will include tuition (per credit prices), fees, living expenses, and an allowance for books and supplies. The COA is also used to calculate your financial aid eligibility.

2024-25 cost of attendance

The financial aid office estimates that students will incur the following costs while enrolled during the 2024-25 academic year:

  • Tuition (varies by program and number of credits)
    • Adult undergraduate students typically take 9 credits in the fall, 12 credits in the spring, and 3-6 credits during the summer.
  • Loan and course fees (varies by program): $46 per term
  • Housing, food, transportation, and personal expenses: $2060 per month
  • Books and supplies: $55 per credit


A business management student taking a total of 24 credits (9 fall, 12 spring, 3 summer) at a rate of $450 per credit, would expect to spend about $10,800 on tuition, $1,320 on books and supplies, $138 on fees, and $24,720 on living expenses (food, housing, transportation, etc.), for a total financial aid budget of $36,978.

Tuition costs by program are found on our tuition page. More information-including total credits, start dates, and more can be found on each program page.

Keep in mind

Your actual final costs may differ based on your program, coursework, and personal spending choices. If you do not receive financial aid, you can still use the cost of attendance figures to estimate your costs to attend school. Please note: Bethel bills you for tuition and course-related fees. Bethel does not bill you for housing and living expenses. We add this budget item to the cost of attendance in order to assist you in budgeting and to calculate financial aid eligibility.

The total amount of financial aid you receive-including all scholarships, grants, and loans-cannot exceed your cost of attendance at Bethel for the aid year. Financial aid offers may be reduced for students whose total aid exceeds the cost of attendance. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for complete policy details.