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Go deeper in relationships and pursue growth in your spiritual life. 

In Community Groups, 4-8 students meet regularly to find a place to belong and to grow in their spiritual life. This ministry equips students with tools and empowers every student to become the person God has created them to be. 

Current community groups

What do Community Groups do?

Building strong relationships is at the center of what Community Groups do. Leaders connect with their group and facilitate each meeting. When they meet, Community Groups connect and discuss around a certain topic. This Fall 2023, each Community Group will choose one of these three approaches:

  • In Sharpening groups, students will…
    • Deepen their grasp of the gospel as they see their need for continual renewal.
    • Grow as they experience transformation from the inside out.
    • Be challenged to develop authentic relationships as the gospel moves them to love and serve others.
  • In Practicing groups, students will…
    • Be apprentices of Jesus in his spiritual rhythms and practices
    • Actively engage in spiritual practices (prayer, confession, spiritual direction, fasting)
    • Reflect together on the experience
  • In Bible Study groups, students will…
    • Spend time in scripture
    • Discover how the Bible transforms
    • Apply insights into their lives-Grow in their love for the bible

Christian Formation staff keeps in touch with all groups for equipping, encouragement, and support and also provides materials, training for leaders, and periodic check-ins with leaders.

When do Community Groups meet?

Wednesdays from 10:20am-11:00am are the primary time for Community Groups (although some groups meet at other times). We step away from our daily work and we make space for God to do His work in our lives and relationships.

How do I sign up for a Community Group?

Students can sign up individually and be placed in a group or they can sign up as a group. If that group has a leader, that’s great! If not, our staff will find you someone ready to lead a group like yours. Complete the sign-up form

What does it take to be a leader for a Community Group?

Being a leader requires the willingness to pray for and show up for students (on Wednesdays from 10:20-11 a.m.). We know that groups that thrive also have leaders who communicate with students (via text or notes) throughout the week. Preparation is minimal—15-30 minutes each week. Relationships are at the center. This document has some of our guidance for leaders.

To learn more about being a leader of a Community Group, complete this form. 


For more information about Community Groups at Bethel, contact us at christian-formation@bethel.edu