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Mission Trips

At Bethel, we encourage students to step outside their comfort zone and into experiences that stretch and reshape their view of God's world.

Mission Trips

Bethel sends students to be with, learn from, and serve alongside God and God's people—in the U.S. and around world—through our Solidarity Missions Partnerships (SMP) program. We are grateful for our longstanding partnerships with the local churches, mission agencies, and development organizations that make these trips possible.

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Jesus—the Son of God—took on the nature of a servant in human likeness. This is the great cross-cultural move of God. As his followers, Jesus calls us to the same sort of "cross-over." On SMP trips, Bethel students cross over and live out their faith in Christ, actively participating in God's redemptive work in the world.

Students follow the lead of our ministry partners who invite us to serve in a variety of ways to support their ongoing ministry. Each Bethel SMP team is led by qualified Bethel students, faculty, or staff, and each trip is developed and evaluated using the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission, of which Bethel is a Covenant Member.


A large portion of our mission trip costs are funded by gifts from generous donors.

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