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Our team includes event specialists and technical, scheduling, and ticketing staff. Together, we collaborate with event owners and campus partners to cover all of the event planning bases, from ideation to event-day logistics. We support both internal and rental events, including performances, workshops and seminars, conferences, banquets, meetings, and camps. 

For us, the “Bethel difference” means delivering beyond-expectation service to our clients and successful event experiences for their guests. We love building events and, in doing so, building client confidence. It’s all about the right details and good communication. Reach out to us today about your next event.

Avis Soderstrom

Director of Conference and Event Services

Instinctive. Strategic. Crafter.

Areas of expertise: strategic planning, leadership

Kerri Baker

Manager of Benson Great Hall Technical Services

Talented. Artistic. Grillmaster.

Areas of expertise: lighting, stage design, technician management

Jennifer Gabrio

Senior Event Specialist

Curious. Intuitive. State Fair Aficionado.

Areas of expertise: academic events and rental groups

Andrea Hendricks

Associate Director of Conference and Event Services 

Resourceful. Logistic. Auntie.

Areas of expertise: unique venue formats and promotion, summer campus housing

Amy Kelsey

Manager of Benson Great Hall Guest Services 

Attentive. Friendly. Fun Mom.

Areas of expertise: ticket office, ushers, rental groups

Brian Metcalf

Manager of Scheduling and Operations 

Logistics. Helper. Baseball Enthusiast.

Areas of expertise: reservation software, operations, rental groups

Jason Moyer

Benson Great Hall Technician


Grace Shull

Event Operations Specialist

Dedicated. Welcoming. Dog Lover.

Areas of expertise: operations, room scheduling, event web pages

Amanda Thompson

Assistant Director of Event Partnerships

Strategic. Maximizer. Traveler.

Areas of expertise: University Advancement events, rental groups