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Welcome to Conference and Event Services, your one-stop shop for event support! Our team collaborates with event stakeholders and support staff to cover all the planning bases, from event ideation to event-day support and post-event follow-up. We provide services for a variety of events—university-wide anchor events, performances, conferences, seminars, banquets, meetings, and camps—and deliver consistent results that ensure success and present Bethel well to guests.

Avis Soderstrom

Director of Conference and Event Services
Instinctive. Strategic. Crafter.
Everyday is a party when Avis is in the room. She anticipates the impact, timing, and shared resources of events.

Kerri Baker

Manager of Conference and Event Technical Services
Talented. Artistic. Grillmaster.
Manages tech team to provide sound, lighting, and video support for your event. Lead designer for stage, backdrops and set props. University consultant for sound and lighting equipment.

Andrew Goulson

Conference and Event Services Technician
Audio Engineer. Drummer. Father of Twins.
Manages/Teaches student works within Benson Great Hall. Provides audio, video, and general tech work for Benson Great Hall.

Andrea Hendricks

Manager of Benson Great Hall, Conferences, and Camps
Resourceful. Logistic. Auntie.
Manages all Benson Great Hall operations. Planner of summer camps, conferences, and rentals.

Brooke Jameson

Conference and Event Services Specialist
Detailed. Planner. Motorcyclist.
Specialist for academic department events and conferences, office techy, manages University Calendar, and web author.

Jan Jessup

Senior Conference and Event Services Specialist
Organized. Warmhearted. Active.
Lives and breathes event details and the communication of them. Serves non-academic event stakeholders. Manages the university calendar and event web pages.

Amy Kelsey

Box Office Manager and Conference and Event Services Specialist
Attentive. Friendly. Fun Mom.
Manages the Bethel Box Office and provides support to concerts and events.

Brian Metcalf

Room Scheduling and Conference and Event Services Specialist
Logistics. Helper. Baseball Enthusiast.
Administrator of Event Management Systems (EMS software), manages room scheduling, oversees the big picture of all unversity spaces and ensures maximum usage.