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Our team includes event specialists and technical, scheduling, and ticketing staff. Together, we collaborate with event owners and other campus partners to cover all of the event planning bases, from event ideation to event-day logistics. We support both in-house and rental events, including performances, workshops and seminars, conferences, banquets, meetings, and camps.

Avis Soderstrom

Director of Conference and Event Services
Instinctive. Strategic. Crafter.
Supervises the team and anticipates the impact, timing, and shared resources of events. Everyday is a party when Avis is in the room. She anticipates the impact, timing, and shared resources of events.

Kerri Baker

Manager of Conference and Event Technical Services
Talented. Artistic. Grillmaster.
Manages the tech team and all aspects of tech support. Lead designer for stage, backdrops, and set props. Consultant on sound and lighting equipment.

Andrea Hendricks

Manager of Benson Great Hall, Conferences, and Camps
Resourceful. Logistic. Auntie.
Manages all Benson Great Hall operations. Plans summer conferences and camps. Serves Bethel’s rental clients.

Jan Jessup

Senior Conference and Event Services Specialist
Organized. Warmhearted. Active.
Lives and breathes event details and the communication of logistics. Specialist for events owned by Bethel offices. Manages the university calendar and event webpages.

Amy Kelsey

Box Office Manager and Conference and Event Services Specialist
Attentive. Friendly. Fun Mom.
Manages the Bethel Ticket Office. Provides support for concerts, performances, and ticketed events.

Brian Metcalf

Room Scheduling and Conference and Event Services Specialist
Logistics. Helper. Baseball Enthusiast.
Administrator of Event Management Systems (EMS) software. Oversees the big picture of university spaces with an eye for maximizing usage. Specialist for Athletics events.

Alec Shafer

Benson Great Hall Technician
Diligent. Inventive. Music Lover
Lead audio engineer for Bethel University, providing technical support for Benson Great Hall and all campus venues.


Amanda Thompson

Event Specialist
Reliable. Maximizer. Traveler.
Designs and executes events in partnership with event stakeholders to serve constituents and maximize resources.