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Faculty and Staff

Have students, other staff or family members with disabilities? Do you want to know more about specific disabilities, statistics, or how to support students with disabilities in your course? Here are some resources for you.

Syllabus Statement

Accessibility: Accommodations are determined through the Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS).  Students are responsible to contact the Office of Disability Resources and Services.  Once DRS determines that accommodations are to be made, they will notify the student and instructor via email.  Students are responsible to contact the instructor within two weeks of this notification to determine how disability-related accommodations will be provided.  The instructor will provide accommodations, but the student is required to initiate the process for each accommodation. In this course, students are responsible to remind the instructor no later than 5 business days before each assessment (exam/test/project) that an accommodation is needed; otherwise, the necessary arrangements may not be made


Some students choose not to disclose their disability for many reasons, however if you have questions about how to support these students, please review information on our website or contact us. Our office has many resources and can provide the expertise and support that you may need.

Disability Resources

Find information on specific disabilities as well as books, journal articles, workshops, conferences and webinar invitations to support faculty in creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment.

Facts on Disabilities

Find out more on statistics about disabilities, the difference between the myths and facts about disabilities, and about acceptable ways of interacting with people with disabilities.

Guide to Students with Disabilities

The information contained in this guide has been presented as a resource to help faculty members, administrators, and staff understand their vital role in accommodating students with disabilities and to address common questions about working with these students.

Teaching Accommodations

The provision of accommodations to students with disabilities to eliminate barriers to academic success but it does not carry with it an obligation to reduce the level of the course content or to lower the standards of mastery.

Test Taking Procedures

Complete the online Test Request Form to set up exams for your students

Types of Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations and services are based on how a student's documented disability affects him or her. The Office of Disability Resources and Services works with students and faculty to determine appropriate strategies and accommodations to meet a student's disability-related needs for each term.