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Do you need to request disability accommodations? The Disability Resources and Services office works collaboratively with students with disabilities and students who may have disabilities to eliminate barriers to learning and living in the Bethel community.

If you have a documented disability or believe that you do come and meet with a disability specialist so that we can help identify accommodations or supports that may be beneficial to your success here at Bethel.

Prior to Accommodations

Get in touch with Disability Resources and Services to request accommodations and support if you have a documented disability or suspect that you do.


A reasonable accommodation is simply a modification or adjustment to a course, program, or activity that provides a person who has a disability with an equal opportunity. Reasonable accommodations should not fundamentally alter courses, programs, or activities.

Assessment and Documentation

Do you believe you may have a disability? Find resources here for testing as well as information on necessary documentation in order to receive accommodations.

Tips for Academic Success

Use the following tips to help you be successful in the classroom and with your coursework. These principles will increase your chances of success.

Resources for Specific Disabilities

The following organizations offer helpful information and learning tips about specific disabilities.

DAG (Disability Awareness Group)

DAG is a group of students with and without disabilities who are passionate about disability advocacy and reconciliation.


Students with any type of disability can apply.