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With each new building that we construct to meet the needs of our community, we try our best to create spaces that are more sustainable and respect our precious natural resources.

Here are some of the ways we’ve tried to be good stewards our environmental resources in the construction of our newest building, the Brushaber Commons student center.

Green Roof

  • Among only a handful of its kind in the Twin Cities area
  • Covered with nearly 4,000 square feet of sedum, a drought-resistant plant material
  • Conserves water and creates habitat
  • Extends life-expectancy of the roof
  • Reduces the heat island effect, which conserves energy during the summer months

Lighting and Fixtures

  • Spaces lit to appropriate levels to avoid over-lighting
  • Occupancy sensors in low traffic spaces and daylight sensors to turn off lighting when enough daylight is present
  • Controls that automatically shut off lights after hours
  • Low-levels of light pollution
  • Low-flow water fixtures


  • Building materials that included recycled content including, concrete, structural steel, and masonry
  • Recycling of construction waste
  • Low-emitting adhesives, paints, and carpets
  • Modular carpet tile and other materials that eliminates waste

Additional Measures

  • Efficiency water heaters, chillers, boilers, and pumps
  • Concern for a healthy environment for those who constructed the facility
  • Concern for low site disturbance and retaining existing vegetation
  • Automated system to monitor continued energy use