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BYOM: Bring your own mug or thermos when you make that quick coffee stop in the morning before class. Your coffee will stay warmer longer and you’ll be cutting down on your waste.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse: Any gift bags you get should be saved and used again. This will save you loads of money too!

Turn Down the Thermostat: Instead of cranking the heat during the cold winter months, try turning it down a few degrees at night and adding a couple of blankets to your bed.

Invest in Plants: Green plants help to recycle and freshen the air you breath all winter long. Once your home is sealed, you need the plants to help remove toxins and stale air. You will feel better emotionally and physically with the addition of living plants in your home.

Say No to Plastic Bags: Opt out of taking a plastic bag when a store offers it. Instead, grab a paper bag, or better yet - bring your own cloth bags when shopping!

Give Green: This holiday season give your gifts in a reusable tote. Leave behind the paper, bows, ribbon, and waste!

Gently Used Goods: Have any clothing or other small household items you’d like to donate? Just look for the blue Gently Used Goods bins near your local dumpster.

Shut it Down: If you're leaving a room for more than 30 seconds, turn off the lights. Or, Don't turn it on in the first place: We often turn on lights merely out of habit rather than need. Before turning on a light, check to see if you can get by safely without it.

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day - Black Friday: Scrap your plans to hit the stores at 3 a.m. on Black Friday and celebrate Buy Nothing Day. Instead of loading up on gifts and stress, stay at home, sleep in, make breakfast, take a nap, relax and hang out with your friends, family, kids, neighbors and pets.

Turn Off the Water: Leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth can waste up to 1.3-gallons of water. Instead of wasting the water while scrubbing your teeth and rinsing out your mouth, just turn the water off.

Toss the Chemical Air Fresheners: Get rid of air fresheners with their harmful chemicals. Try using natural fresheners like baking soda or essential oils. Or open your windows for some fresh spring air!

Stop Energy Leaks: Cell phone chargers, TVs, computers, and other appliances all leak energy (even when in standby mode). Put an end to energy leaks by unplugging devices when you're not using them.