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Bethel accepts a variety of materials for recycling. These items are detailed below, or you can review the recycling brochure (pdf) for more information. You can also search for specific items and learn how to properly dispose of them by visiting Walter's Recycling and Refuse

Acceptable Recycling Resources

3900 Bethel Drive Campus
Please place the following items in our indoor recycling bins and outdoor dorm recycling dumpsters:

  • Paper products
    • Books
    • Notebooks
    • Magazines
    • Paper cartons
    • All envelopes
    • Post-it notes
    • File folders
    • Cardboard
  • Beverage containers 
    • Glass jars and bottles
    • Plastic bottles and jugs with lids
    • Aluminum bottles and cans
    • Steel cans
All containers should be rinsed before recycling.

Please place the following items in the bin located on the first floor of the Hagstrom Center (HC) by the elevator:

  • Batteries

Organics recycling/Composting on campus

The following can be placed in the green Compost bins near Royal Grounds and 3900 Grill:

  • Food waste/leftovers 
  • Orange peels, apple cores, banana peels
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Food soiled napkins and cardboard
  • 3900 Grill container bottoms
  • Royal Grounds sandwich boxes (remove receipt and sticker)
  • Plastic cutlery from Royal Grounds and 3900 Grill

Anderson Center Campus
Please place the following items in the bin located on the second floor by the loading dock near the mail room:

  • Batteries