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If you already hold a special education license in one disability category, you can complete this program as an add-on license. By adding the Developmental Disabilities Strategist License, you'll be able to work with a wider range of students with disabilities. You will also broaden your opportunities within your district, or it could lead to new possibilities. And additional credits gained through an add-on license help educators move up on the salary scale. You can earn an add-on license in six to nine months. If you are working in an environment in the license category you're pursuing, you'll be able to complete most practicum requirements on the job.


Mostly Online

You'll complete over 80% of your coursework online.

Location: St. Paul

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Start Dates: Courses start every 8 weeks beginning Summer 2024. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Total Credits


Finish in as Few as

6-9 months


  • Foundations of Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities/Intellectual Disabilities (SPED661)

    Examination of the historical, legal and philosophical foundations of educating students with developmental cognitive disabilities. Survey of etiology and characteristics of students, definitions and identification, assessment, and current issues related to disabilities. Integration of personal faith, reflection, vision, and professional development practices to improve service to students and families.

    2 credits

  • Instruction and Intervention for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (SPED667)

    Assessment procedures for developmental cognitive disabilities. Assessment selection for data-based, educational decision-making for students with developmental cognitive disabilities/intellectual disabilities. Application of effective education planning and strategies to support improved student outcomes in the areas of social skills, academics, motor skills, communication, self-care, and home and community skills. Collection of professional resources.

    4 credits

  • Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities Across Systems (SPED669)

    Exploration of how the case manager of students with intellectual disabilities and the special education process can leverage comprehensive systems, agencies, and people within and outside of schools to contribute to positive outcomes for students with complex needs.

    4 credits

  • SPED Practicum for Teachers of Other Licenses (SPED782)

    Implementation of procedures necessary to incorporate referral, assessment, evaluation, IEPs, and interventions for students with disabilities in a specific license area. Management of timelines and responsibilities including consultation with parents, school and community professionals. Development of strategies for efficacy and engaging resources. Analysis of personal and professional growth as a special educator (80 required hours in a special education school setting). FE: Practicum fee: $150, out-of-region fee: $100, out-of-state fee: varies.

    3 credits