Developmental Disabilities License

Developmental Disabilities License


With a Developmental Disabilities License, you’ll gain the strategies and tools to help your students with developmental cognitive disabilities succeed.

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6-28 months*

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*depends on existing licensures

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Discover what’s next. In Bethel’s Developmental Disabilities License program, you’ll gain the skills to more effectively serve students with a range of intellectual disabilities. You’ll learn about a variety of assessment tools, evidence-based teaching strategies, and interventions. And you’ll receive valuable experience that will give you the confidence to apply those skills to various educational settings.

Program Details

With our Developmental Disabilities License, you’ll become adept at implementing and adapting evidence-based instruction methods that will meet the needs of your students with developmental cognitive disabilities and help them succeed.

If you already hold a special education license in one disability category, you can complete this program as an add-on license. By adding the Developmental Disabilities Strategist License, you'll be able to work with a wider range of students with disabilities. You will also broaden your opportunities within your district, or it could lead to new possibilities. And additional credits gained through an add-on license help educators move up on the salary scale. You can earn an add-on license in six to nine months. If you are working in an environment in the license category you're pursuing, you'll be able to complete most practicum requirements on the job.

If you're not already a licensed teacher, you will have to complete the Standards of Effective Practice concentration, which meets the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice, a requirement for every Tier 3 and Tier 4 K-12 licensed teacher in Minnesota.

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Program Highlights

Experienced professors

Our special education professors are leading researchers and practitioners in the field with experience in multiple specialties, bringing personal experience to your learning to make coursework relevant to the real-world classroom.

Practical experience

You’ll have opportunities to practice what you’re learning through multiple clinical experiences so when you’ve completed the program you can make a real difference in the K-12 educational setting.


Courses are designed for adult students who work full time, have families, and are involved in their community. Our schedules make it easier for you to complete your program during times that work best for you.

Career Outcomes


This license will give you the knowledge and skills to prepare your students for excellence.


Learn how to:

  • Apply effective strategies to support improved student outcomes
  • Collaborate with professionals within and outside of schools
  • Create professional development practices
  • Design and implement appropriate interventions
  • Modify teaching strategies for individual students
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