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Special Education

Master of Arts

Special education is about more than providing services. It's about providing a better future.

The M.A. in Special Education includes ASD, ABS, and EBD concentrations. Our program will help you become a skilled professional in a high-demand profession. You’ll learn to customize programs to meet individual needs and serve with compassion. While supporting kids and their families, you’ll motivate students to meet their goals and live a meaningful life. This program will build your knowledge base and refine your skills to assess and educate students with mild to moderate disabilities in several areas, including LD, EBD, OHD, DCD, and ASD.

Program Option(s)

Special Education: Academic Behavioral Strategist Concentration

Our Academic Behavioral Strategist concentration prepares you to serve K-12 students in a variety of mild to moderate disability categories, including ASD, EBD, LD, OHD, and DCD. You’ll be equipped to work in resource rooms and inclusive K-12 settings within public schools.

Delivery Mostly Online
Locations Anderson Center, Online, and St. Paul
Credits 41
Cost per Credit $535

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Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorders Concentration

This concentration will prepare you to serve students in birth to age 21 settings who have been identified with autism spectrum disorders.

Delivery Mostly Online
Locations Anderson Center, Online, and St. Paul
Credits 41
Cost per Credit $535

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Special Education: Developmental Disabilities Concentration

With our Developmental Disabilities License, you’ll become adept at implementing and adapting evidence-based instruction methods that will meet the needs of your students and help them succeed.

Delivery Mostly Online
Locations Anderson Center, Online, and St. Paul
Credits 41
Cost per Credit $535

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Special Education: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Concentration

Our Emotional and Behavioral Disorders concentration prepares you to serve K-12 students who have been identified with emotional and behavior disorders ranging from mild to severe.

Delivery Mostly Online
Locations Anderson Center, Online, and St. Paul
Credits 41
Cost per Credit $535

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* These costs are estimated and subject to change.

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Upcoming Events

MAY 9 2017

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Info Session

6 p.m. CT Lundquist Community Life Center (CLC)

Meet program directors, faculty, and current students and learn more about our adult undergrad and graduate programs! 6 pm-7:30 pm CT

JUNE 6 2017

Special Education M.A. and Licensing Online Info Session

6 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our Special Education M.A. and licenses!

Preparing Compassionate, Competent Educational Leaders.

Here, we recognize that teaching children with special needs is a high calling. Our 20 faculty members—who are both recognized researchers and practitioners in multiple specialties within the field—train special education teachers to serve students, teachers, and families from a mindset of Christian values. With this frame, you’ll help create a positive environment that will keep your students engaged in learning and your work rewarding. Our multiple licensure options will help you lead in the largest growing field in education.

0 years licensing special education teachers

0% of students would recommend their program to other teachers

- Recent Bush Exit Survey

Program Highlights

Experienced professors

Bethel’s special education professors are leading researchers and practitioners in the field with experience in multiple specialties, bringing personal experience to your learning to make coursework relevant to the real-world classroom.

Practical experience

During your program, you’ll have 4 opportunities to practice what you’re learning through clinical experiences so upon graduation you can make a real difference in the K-12 educational setting.

Autism Spectrum Disorders License B-21

We are one of the few schools approved by the Minnesota Department of Education to offer this license. Why is this a big deal? Every school in the state of Minnesota will be required to have an ASD-licensed teacher by July 1, 2015.

Student success

We’re committed to helping you succeed from admission to graduation. Rather than focusing on the results of one entrance exam for admission, we look for well-rounded people with work experience who can bring diverse perspectives into the classroom. And once you’re here, you’ll be supported by advisors and professors who are caring and ensure that you have everything you need.


We know many of our students work full time, have families, and are involved in their community while in graduate school. Our schedules make it easier for you to earn your degree by having limited in-class time so you can complete your assignments when it works best for you.

Christian environment

In our courses, we integrate Christian faith into ideas and practices. In this way, we model how your values and beliefs influence your teaching and scholarship.


Our M.A. in Special Education program will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a confident, compassionate, successful teacher serving kids, families, and communities.


Learn how to:

  • Effectively teach students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities
  • Develop strategies for managing academic and behavioral problems
  • Ethically carry out legal requirements of special education
  • Collaborate with parents and colleagues
  • Engage with students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds
  • Use a range of technology tools to interpret, evaluate, and apply information


Our graduates become:

  • Special education teachers in public, private, and charter schools
  • Directors of Special Education
  • Principals
  • Superintendents

Areas of Study

Our graduates go on to obtain additional licenses in the following areas:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, birth to age 21
  • Emotional Behavioral Disorders, K-12
  • Developmental Disorders, K-12
  • Work-based Learning, Technology, and Literacy

Premier Paraprofessional Partnership with Anoka-Hennepin

We partner with the Anoka-Hennepin School District to offer you opportunities to work as a full-time float para in area schools while you earn your master’s in special education. This program is a chance to gain first hand experience, get full-time pay and benefits while you work towards your degree, and make connections that will help you build a successful career.

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