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Education K-12

Master of Arts

Teaching is about more than a career. It's about igniting a passion for learning.

Our M.A. in Education K-12 will enhance your teaching career by building on your previous classroom experience. The program is designed for teachers already working in K–12 classrooms who want to improve their teaching skills and expand their leadership opportunities. Courses will stir up a passion for teaching and a compassion for children and youth. You’ll engage in thoughtful activities that promote learning and find ways to lead and serve in your context. Teaching provides a platform for change—and we’ll show you how to use it for good to improve your community and our world.

Program Details

The MA in Education K-12 program is comprised of 23 core credits and one of the following 9-10 credit concentrations.

Education K-12: Educational Leadership Concentration

Our Educational Leadership concentration will encourage you to integrate values, beliefs, and faith commitments into your leadership practices. You’ll build skills in communication and collaboration and prepare for leadership in complex and pluralistic school communities.

Delivery: Fully Online

Location: Online

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Education K-12: ENVoY Classroom Management Strategies Concentration

This concentration builds your awareness of the nonverbal messages you send your students and the nonverbal patterns used by the most effective classroom managers. You'll find ways to maintain compliance in your classes while preserving relationships, maximizing productivity, and fostering student independence.

Delivery: Fully Online

Location: Online

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Education K-12: International Baccalaureate Concentration

With our International Baccalaureate concentration, you'll deepen your knowledge of the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and implementation of IB programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

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Location: Online

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Education K-12: Special Education Concentration

In our Special Education concentration, you’ll grow in your ability to effectively meet the needs of special education students in your general education classroom.

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Education K-12: Technology for Educators Concentration

This concentration is designed to prepare educators with a valid K-6, 5-12, or K-12 teaching license to integrate technology into their classroom in useful and innovative ways and to improve the way technology is taught and used in their schools.

Delivery: Fully Online

Location: Online

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Education K-12: Work-Based Learning Concentration

Our Work-Based Learning concentration helps educators with a valid K-12 teaching license plan experiences that give their students the chance to learn in work settings outside of the classroom.

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Location: Online

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Upcoming Events

APR 18 2017

M.A. in Education Online Info Session

4:30 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our M.A. in Education degree!

MAY 9 2017

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Info Session

6 p.m. CT Lundquist Community Life Center (CLC)

Meet program directors, faculty, and current students and learn more about our adult undergrad and graduate programs! 6 pm-7:30 pm CT

Building Responsive, Compassionate Teacher-Leaders

Approached from a Christian worldview, our program develops teachers who are knowledgeable, collaborative, and caring—reflecting a strong moral framework of integrity and compassion. We understand how important it is for teachers like you to stay current in our rapidly changing educational environment. From new technologies to teaching for a differentiated student population and understanding new educational models, we’ll help update your skills and provide new ones so you’re prepared for changes in education. You’ll be able to choose from 7 concentrations, allowing you to specialize in your area of interest and preparing you to step into leadership roles in your setting.

Teachers describe Bethel's education master's students as “the best they see from the preparation programs.”

-Interviews from national accreditation process

0% of students would recommend their program to other teachers

- Recent Bush Exit Survey

Program Highlights

Christian and global perspectives

All the courses in the program are taught from a foundation of Christian faith, which adds meaning to the teaching profession. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to consider educational theory and practice from national and international viewpoints so you learn best practices for teaching from a global perspective.

Collaborative learning

Courses provide a supportive and collaborative environment in which to express ideas. Alongside your peers, you’ll foster meaningful friendships, lifelong connections, and a valuable network.

Engaged learning and dialogue

Assignments and activities have been thoughtfully designed to promote engaged learning and dialogue.

Innovative professors

Our professors bring excellent teaching skills along with innovation, a commitment to their students, and thorough engagement—whether they're teaching in a classroom or online. Like you, they bring real-world experience to the classroom to make learning and coursework relevant to your educational setting.

Student success

We’re committed to helping you succeed from admission to graduation. In fact, 100% of our graduates said they were satisfied with the quality of instruction in their M.A. in Education K-12 coursework (Bush Exit Survey). Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll be supported by a program director, professors, and advisors who are caring and ensure that you are equipped for success.


Nearly all of our students are full-time teachers, have families, and are involved in their community while in graduate school. Our schedules make it easier for you to earn your degree by having limited in-class time so you can complete your assignments when it works best for you.


Our M.A. in Education K-12 program will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a confident teacher prepared to serve students, families, and communities in a complex and changing educational environment.


The M.A. in Education K-12 equips teachers with skills that apply to growing career fields, including:

  • Teaching traditional K-12 classrooms (core courses)
  • Teaching in International Baccalaureate schools
  • Coordinating work-based learning
  • Leading in technology education
  • Working with students with autism
  • Educational leadership
  • Special education


Graduates of the M.A. in Education K-12 program are prepared to be:

  • Reflective—experience personal growth and professional renewal
  • Knowledgeable—increase personal competence in academic disciplines
  • Perceptive—facilitate learning through effective teaching
  • Effective—act as teacher-leaders who seek to build positive and collaborative relationships with students, families, colleagues, and communities
  • Caring—exhibit a Christian worldview that provides a strong moral framework characterized by integrity and compassion

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