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Master of Arts

Teaching is about more than a new career path. It's about influencing future generations.

Our M.A. in Teaching qualifies aspiring teachers to enter the field of their calling. We provide adults with the education and initial licensure necessary to teach, with the option to also complete a graduate degree. Courses will stir up a passion for teaching and a compassion for kids. Teaching provides a platform for change—and we’ll show you how to use it for the good of your students and community.

Program Option(s)


Our M.A. in Teaching qualifies aspiring teachers to enter the field of their calling. You’ll receive an initial teaching license and gain the skills and knowledge you need for a successful teaching career.

Delivery Blended
Location St. Paul
Credits 36-37
Tuition per Credit $535
Estimated Total Tuition $20,330 - $20,865*

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Fuel Your Passion. Make a Difference.

Our program is built around Minnesota state licensure standards, but we bring added value: our faculty teach from a foundation in the Christian faith, which is woven into every course. With this approach, our program develops teachers who are knowledgeable, collaborative, and caring—reflecting a strong moral framework of integrity and compassion. While earning a license to teach in one of ten different content areas, you’ll learn to stay on the cutting edge of our rapidly changing education environment.

Student smiles while sitting in class.

97% to 100% of students pass the various MN Teacher Licensure Examinations

All Bethel teaching students participate in Level 1 ENVoY classroom management training.

Program Highlights

Christian and diverse perspectives

All the courses in the program are taught from a foundation of Christian faith, which adds meaning to the teaching profession. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to gain awareness of the unique needs of your students through study of educational theories and practices so you can differentiate instruction for an increasingly diverse student population.

Unique licensure options

The M.A. in Teaching at Bethel is a program for adult students in Minnesota to license teachers in the field of business education for grades 5-12. We also offer dual licensure, allowing you to earn a license in two content areas upon completing course requirements, making you more marketable to school districts.

Field experiences and student teaching

You’ll take part in field experiences at an elementary, middle, or high school to observe current education practices and confirm that education is the right career choice for you. In addition, you will student teach for several months under the guidance of a school’s classroom teacher and a Bethel supervisor. Their coaching will help you practice the coursework and theory in a classroom and move you closer to being qualified to teach in your own classroom upon program completion.

Innovative professors

Our instructors bring excellent teaching skills along with innovation, a commitment to their students, and thorough engagement. While modeling the cutting-edge teaching strategies you will use in your future classrooms, they bring real-world experience to make learning and coursework relevant to your educational goals.

Student success

We’re committed to helping you succeed from admission to program completion. In fact, 100% of our program completers said they were satisfied with the quality of instruction in their teacher preparation courses. Once you’re here, you’ll be supported by advisors and professors who are caring and ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.

Accelerated learning

We know many of our students work full time, have families, and are involved in their community while in school. We also understand that adult students learn more independently, bring previous experience, and are able to apply principles quickly to their work. Classes generally meet online, making this an efficient way to complete your program and earn your teaching license in an accelerated length of time. You’ll be in the classroom more quickly accomplishing your professional goals and making a difference in the lives of students.


Our M.A. in Teaching program will prepare you for a successful teaching career and provide you with an initial teaching license. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a confident teacher prepared to serve kids, families, and communities in a complex and changing educational environment.


Graduates demonstrate:

  • Capacity to integrate values and ethics into teaching
  • Ability to plan standards-based instruction
  • Application of evidence-based strategies
  • Aptitude to design assessments that teach and measure performance
  • Ability to differentiate instruction based on students’ unique needs
  • A commitment to culturally responsive teaching strategies
  • Comfort with educational technologies
  • Professionalism in working with schools, teachers, students, administrators, families, and communities
  • Strong research skills to craft and defend a master’s thesis


Equips teachers with skills that apply to growing career fields, including:

  • Teaching in traditional middle or high school classrooms in Minnesota public, charter, or private schools
  • Leading in technology education
  • Educational leadership