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M.A. in Teaching Faculty

Our professors are distinguished scholars, active researchers, published writers, and faithful Christians who demonstrate what it means to be both Christ-followers and leaders in their academic fields. As mentors and role models, they play a huge role in the integration of faith and learning at Bethel.

Lisa Bekemeyer

Adjunt Instructor | ldb86486@bethel.edu

Katie Bonawitz

Associate Professor of Education | katie-bonawitz@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Areas of expertise

Bonawitz focuses her research in the areas of general education teachers working with students with special needs and special education amidst world religions. Her teaching specialties include history of special education, legal issues related to special education, specific learning disabilities, classroom management, observation, and assessment.

Katherine Churchill

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education | k-churchill@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1990

Areas of expertise

Churchill is currently writing and illustrating a book on painting activities for intermediate and middle school students. Her interests include acrylic painting and art education.

Ken Dean

Adjunct Assistant Professor | kmd78958@bethel.edu

Donna LeGrand

Associate Professor of Spanish Education | legdon@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2001

Areas of expertise

LeGrand developed and directs Bethel’s Spain Term and works with the World Languages and Cultures education program at Bethel. Her interests include teaching all levels of Spanish, teaching about and applying theories of second language acquisition, and researching reading in a second language. LeGrand is on the executive board of the Minnesota Council of Teaching Languages and Cultures and has been president of the Minnesota chapter of the Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Languages: Spanish

Jill Martin

Associate Professor of Education | jmartin@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1996

Areas of expertise

Martin’s scholarly interests include content area literacy, reflective teaching, and teacher’s use of metacognation. Her teaching specialties include secondary social studies, middle level philosophy and pedagogy, and educational psychology.

Jane Matheson

Adjunct Instructor | j-matheson@bethel.edu

Lisa Silmser

Adjunct Assistant Professor | l-silmser@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2002

Teaching Speciality

Instructional Strategies, Differentiation and Interventions

Dan Swensen

Associate Professor of Education | d-swensen@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2008

Areas of expertise

Swensen’s scholarly work focuses on the development of the Mathematics Standard Level exams taken by International Baccalaureate candidates. His teaching specialties include middle school education, education technology, statistics, and math and physics education.

Sarah Tahtinen-Pacheco

Associate Professor of Modern World Languages | s-tahtinen@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2006

Areas of expertise

Tahtinen-Pacheco has over 25 years of teaching experience in ESL, Bilingual, Adult/Family ESL, EFL, program administration, and teacher education. She focuses her research in the area of English language learners in small city communities and currently serves as teaching mentor for the university. Languages: Spanish

Molly Wickam

Program Director | m-wickam@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2005

Areas of expertise

Program management, business education, business capstones, service-learning, marketing

Gretchen Wrobel

Professor of Psychology | g-wrobel@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1988

Areas of expertise

Wrobel conducts research on curiosity as it affects relationships in adoption, including the adopted person, adoptive parents, and birth parents.

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