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Teacher Coordinator of Work-based Learning License

Teaching is about more than creating new environments. It’s about leading students toward their best future.

This license is for educators who already have a valid teaching license covering grades 9-12, and is designed for teachers who want to coordinate work-based educational opportunities for regular and special education high school students and expand their knowledge of work-based learning. High schools are looking for experts to help grow or initiate programs geared toward students who thrive in work-based learning experiences–environments that will help them find possible career paths and gain a leg up on both the job market and college.

Program Option(s)

Teacher Coordinator of Work-based Learning License

Bethel’s Teacher Coordinator Work-based Learning License program helps educators plan experiences that give their students the chance to learn in work settings outside of the classroom.

Delivery Fully Online
Location Online
Credits 9
Cost per Credit $535
Estimated Total Cost $4,815*

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* These program details and costs are estimated and subject to change. View our program details disclaimer for more information.

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Program Highlights

Cohort model of learning

Students are automatically registered for the program and move through the 3 courses with a group of peers. 

Two track options

You have the option of completing the program as part of the M.A. in K-12 Education program, or as license-only. Up to 9 credits of the license can be transferred directly into the 32-credit M.A. in K-12 Education program.

Quick program completion

The license-only track allows students to complete the program in less than 1 year.

Perkins Funding

Schools that have licensed work based learning teachers are eligible for Perkins Funding.


The Work-based Learning license incorporates practical and experiential courses that will provide you with the most advanced skills to become a leader in the industry.


Learn how to:

  • Plan and implement programs
  • Assess classroom learning
  • Identify employment trends
  • Understand human resources policies
  • Build community and business relations

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