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M.A. in Special Education Faculty

Our professors are distinguished scholars, active researchers, published writers, and faithful Christians who demonstrate what it means to be both Christ-followers and leaders in their academic fields. As mentors and role models, they play a huge role in the integration of faith and learning at Bethel.

Katie Bonawitz, EdD

Associate Professor of Education | katie-bonawitz@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2007

Areas of expertise

Dr. Bonawitz researched disabilities amidst world religions for her doctoral work. Other research areas include Finnish SpEd, collaboration with general and special education, and transformational teacher preparation. Her special education teaching specialties include history, legal issues, mild-moderate disabilities, consultation, collaboration.

Cheryl Bostrom

Adjunct Assistant Professor | c-bostrom@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1995

Areas of expertise

My areas of expertise include teaching, academic research and writing, communication, and leadership.

Julia Dreyer

Adjunct Instructor | j-dreyer@bethel.edu

Nathan Elliott

Adjunct Instructor | nathan-elliott@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2013

Areas of expertise

Response to Intervention Instructional technology integration Curriculum development Differentiated Instruction STEM integration Early literacy/numeracy development Formative assessment Continuous improvement process Professional Learning Communities Professional development Standards based grading Classroom management

Steve Kaatz

Associate Professor (retired) | kaaste@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Jennifer Kettering

Adjunct Professor | jek92472@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2010

Mary Lindell

Associate Professor, Special Education | mlindell@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2015

Areas of expertise

I am interested in practices and interventions that support student success in inclusive environments. I enjoy facilitating general and special education teacher development and partnering with schools to better prepare teachers and serve (P-12) students well.

Peg McCormick

Associate Professor, Special Education | p-mccormick@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2010

Areas of expertise

Peg McCormick's interests and areas of specialization include Behavioral Theory, interventions for the EBD classroom, resilient health for teachers, and best practices for the support of international student teachers.

MIchael MIgnard

Director of Educational Clinical Practice | m-mignard@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2002

Maia Miller

Special Education Adjunct- Autism Spectrum Disorders | maia-miller@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2014

Susan Schwope

Teaching Partner Adjunct Instructor | s-tag@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Lisa Silmser

Adjunct Assistant Professor | l-silmser@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2002

Premier Paraprofessional Partnership with Anoka-Hennepin

We partner with the Anoka-Hennepin School District to offer you opportunities to work as a full-time float para in area schools while you earn your master’s in special education. This program is a chance to gain first hand experience, get full-time pay and benefits while you work towards your degree, and make connections that will help you build a successful career.

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