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After receiving your financial aid award you will need to accept or decline your loan, report private scholarships, notify the financial aid office of any changes in your enrollment assumptions, and ensure that all loan applications or supplemental financial aid materials are completed.

You can view your award on Blink [Student Services tab>Financial Aid Awards channel>select the appropriate academic year from the dropdown list].

1. Estimate your school bill

Use the 2016-2017 payment planner (pdf) to help determine your school bill.

By subtracting your gift aid from your estimated school bill, you can start planning for how you'll pay the balance (cash or loans). Your charges may vary by term depending on the number of credits you take.

2. Accept or Decline Your Loans

If you need to borrow loans, compare your loan options. This will help you find the best loan for you.

When you know which loan(s) you'd like to borrow, you will need to accept or decline your offered loans through Blink [Student Services>Financial Aid Awards channel>Financial Aid Awards].

Select the appropriate academic year from the drop down list.

Click the Accept Award Offer tab. Decide how much of your Direct Unsubsidized Loan or PLUS/Private Loan Eligibility you want to borrow for the full year, and follow the instructions.

Click Submit Decision.

a. If you accept your Unsubsidized Loan and you're a new Bethel borrower, you must complete both loan entrance counseling and a master Promissory note (MPN). Be sure to select “Complete Loan Agreement” to complete the MPN and “Complete Loan Counseling” to access the counseling session. These are two distinct separate steps on the website.

Select Minnesota as the School State when completing these requirements. You will need reference information for two people with different U.S. addresses.

b. If you accept the PLUS/Private Loan Eligibility this indicates to the Financial Aid Office that you will be applying for a Graduate PLUS loan or a Private Loan. There is a separate application process for these loans.

3. Report Private Scholarships

Let us know about any private scholarships through Blink [Student Services tab>Financial Aid Awards channel>select the appropriate academic year from the dropdown list].

Once you're in your award information, click the Resources/Additional Information tab and follow the instructions.

4. Notify Financial Aid of Changes in Enrollment Assumptions

Enrollment assumptions used to prepare your financial aid award are listed on the bottom of the paper financial aid award letter. Use the online update form to notify the financial aid office of changes in your anticipated enrollment.

5. Check Your Status

View the status of your documents and requirements through your financial aid checklist in Blink.

Items marked with a red flag need to be completed.

You'll need your Bethel Community Account to access your financial aid info online.

Still need to set up an account? Go to Blink and click Set up my Bethel Community Account.

6. Sign up for Proxy

While private laws prohibit us from sharing financial aid award information with your parents, spouse, or other third party, we have provided a way for you to authorize others to view such information in your student account: proxy access.