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The amounts shown are correct as of the time of posting for the Graduate School at Bethel University for the 2016-2017 academic year. Any changes will take effect at the beginning of a semester.

Master's Programs

M.A. in Communication (no longer enrolling new students) $535/credit
M.A. in Counseling Psychology $560/credit
M.A. in Education K-12 $535/credit
M.A. in Gerontology $520/credit
M.A. in Literacy Education (no longer enrolling new students) $400/credit
M.S. in Nurse-Midwifery $770/credit
M.S. in Nursing: Nurse Educator $575/credit
M.A. in Organizational Leadership $535/credit
M.S. in Physician Assistant
*detailed program costs (pdf)
M.A. in Special Education $535/credit

M.A. in Strategic Leadership (7 courses at this cost)

M.A. in Strategic Leadership (7 courses at this cost)



M.A. in Teaching $535/credit

MBA (most courses are at this cost)

MBA (at least one course will be at this cost)



Individual Courses

Graduate Business Courses (BUSN6XX, BUSN700s, ECON600s $695/credit
Graduate Leadership Foundations and Capstone Courses (LEAD600s, LEAD700s) $695/credit
Graduate Strategic Leadership Courses (SLDR600s, SLDR700s) $450/credit
Child/Adolescent Mental Health Certificate $560/credit

Certificate and Licensure Programs

Academic Behavioral Strategist $535/credit
Autism Spectrum Disorders $535/credit
Child/Adolescent Mental Health $560/credit
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders $535/credit
ENVoY Classroom Management $535/credit
Gerontology $520/credit
International Baccalaureate Education $535/credit
Leadership Foundations $695/credit
Literacy Education (no longer enrolling new students) $400/credit
Nurse Educator $575/credit
Nurse Leader (no longer enrolling new students) $575/credit
Postsecondary Teaching (no longer enrolling new students) $535/credit
STEM in K-12 Education $535/credit
Teaching Technology $535/credit
Work-based Learning $535/credit

Doctorate Programs

Director of Special Education License $730/credit
Higher Education Leadership (Ed.D.) $730/credit
K-12 Leadership (Ed.D.) $730/credit
Principal License $730/credit
Superintendent License $730/credit

Other Costs

Audit fee (non-credit-earning) $100/audit hour
Capstone Extension and other Continuance Fees (equals one credit of program tuition per term) varies